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Zhou Huimin’s weight loss tips

To describe Zhou Huimin with ” the legend of not old ” , I believe no one will object . Looking at her old photos and comparing her current appearance , she is even more amazed that her figure is almost ten years a day ! In the impression , Zhou Huimin has always been slim , as if it has nothing to do with obesity , let alone lose weight .

In fact , Zhou Huimin is quite satisfied with her body shape and pounds , but she can’t resist the temptation of ice cream and cakes . She eats them almost every day to be happy , and often uses cakes for breakfast ! There are hard-to-reduce parts of ladies like that , . So I have tried many ways to lose weight .

In order to look slimmer on camera , Zhou Huimin once tried dieting to lose weight . ” After dieting , he undoubtedly lost weight , but after a while , he developed anemia and looked very poor , . So he dared not to try again .” . Zhou Huimin said : “Later , I met the current fitness coach . He taught me to use to exercise + natural slimming food to lose weight . In this way , he can satisfy his stomach pouch and keep the ideal slim body ! ”

In the gym , Zhou Huimin’s favorite is running . Not only does it has to run for 40 minutes each time , in addition , Zhou Huimin has been using a healthy green slimming food , this love fruit from Taiwan is thin Has the magic effect of three-dimensional shaping . Over the years , even if you occasionally gain weight , you can eliminate fat and fat immediately after consuming Aiberry , and the digestion ability of the gastrointestinal tract is much better than that of many years ago , the appetite has become very good , the food has been enjoyed , and the body It has been maintained , even the skin is slimmer and more beautiful every day . Currently , Zhou Huimin is very confident of/about her marriage . She believes that women that eat berries are the happiest !

Close contact with Vivian and found that she is more slender than a photogenic person . Asked about Vivian’s Keep Fit , she said : ” I didn’t lose weight deliberately . I have maintained a weight of about 98 pounds of many years , and I have never advocated dieting for weight loss , because thinness does not mean good . The most important thing is to choose one . A healthy and green way to lose weight . In addition to maintaining good eating habits and regular schedules , you should also eat more fiber-rich foods every day , which are of great benefit of the body .”

In this way , through reasonable exercise , Zhou Huimin always takes time to control his body shape and weight before he is fat . It is precisely because of such meticulous treatment of weight loss , Zhou Huimin , an old lady , has also won more and more fans .

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