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Zhang Ziyi’s move to lose weight is never unsuccessful

Superstar Zhang Ziyi recently appeared in fashion show with her boyfriend at the major fashion conferences . The charming curves and bright smile fully show a happy and sweet little woman in love . Her charm curve is also constantly perfected through daily sports . If you want to know the physical and mental health of this international star , then look down . The slim waist , slim back , fat removal , etc . will give the beauty of MM . Bring an unexpected harvest !

Zhang Ziyi pays special attention to a few minutes before going to bed every day , doing some stretching exercises in his own soft bed , which has a very good relaxing effect on the muscles of various parts of the body , and also has a good effect on the thin waist and slender back .

Long-distance running is good for fat removal and shape modification

Zhang Ziyi usually likes to run . Long-distance running is a good way to lose weight , because long-distance running can consume a lot of fat and calories in the human body , and it can also make your calves become slimmer and more contours.

Full body and smoothness of swimming exercise

Zhang Ziyi often goes swimming because swimming is a very good sport . After a long-term exercise , the body will look very full and fluent . This is why most swimmers have a good figure . Swimming can exercise the muscles of the front chest and back , and can also allow your arms to consume excess fat during the continuous stroke .

Improve the flexibility and strength of the body of the help of equipment

In order to maintain the flexibility and strength of the body , Zhang Ziyi often does some equipment exercises . Because often doing some equipment exercises will increase the strength and flexibility of your body muscles , if the flesh of a person looks weak and feels loose , then your body will not reach the standard of ” beauty ” Too . Therefore , regular equipment training is an indispensable condition for maintaining the figure . If the conditions do not allow , you can take a bottle of mineral water as an instrument to practice .

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