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Weight Loss / Celebrity weight loss / Zhang Ziyi weight loss method, how to maintain a sexy body

Zhang Ziyi weight loss method, how to maintain a sexy body

Zhang Ziyi , a dancer , has never been troubled by weight loss . When she first entered the industry , she once felt that she was too thin . Especially when she shot a sexy cover for a foreign magazine , she would like to be fuller . ” But after the film was made , everyone thought it was very beautiful and sexy . At that time , I realized that sexiness is not related to the fatness and thinness of the body . It is more of a very personal temperament . The aesthetics is now different . Women’s beauty comes more from self-confidence , independence and strength .”

Do high-intensity physical exercises :

Dancing , long-distance running , swimming , fitness-“I think this should thank my family to send me to dance when I was young . That kind of high-intensity physical exercise can especially sharpen people’s willpower . When I was a child , I especially like long-distance running , and now I go often Swimming and fitness .” . Under the soak of sweat and tears , this seemingly thin girls has a unimaginable strength from outsiders .

Recommend the following exercises that can maintain flexibility

15 groups of beauties that exercise slim waists before going to bed become soft : doesn’t underestimate the few minutes before bed , when the muscles are in the most relaxed state , the body and mind are also the most comfortable when exercising , use these few minutes to stretch your lower back Compared with the cervical spine , it not only relieves the fatigue of the day , but also has a good effect on the thin waist and the slender back .

Athletic femininity Dance flexible curves :

Show the willow waist like a tango dance . If you can continue to exercise , even if you are 50 years old , you can have a 25-year-old soft body .

Long-distance running + fruits and vegetables :

Let you lose 8 kg in 50 days : It is said that the easiest and most effective way to lose weight is long-distance running , and it takes 40 minutes to be effective . The running method should be correct .

Many of Zhang Ziyi’s roles in the screen require punching and punching . Although she has not practiced martial arts , she has learned much more with less effort because of her childhood dance skills . In order to maintain the flexibility and strength of her body , she often goes to the gym to do some exercise equipment .

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