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Zhang Yuqi’s beautiful chest collection perfect plastic chest

Zhang Yuqi , from her indifference when she debuted , to the sexy beauty Tang Lu in ” The Woman Is Not Bad ” , has attracted more and more attention because of her firm and straight breasts and sexy hot body .

Zhang Yuqi’s height of 166cm , 50kg body weight and 35D sexy figure , I don’t know how much MM she envyed , but she didn’t know that she has a graceful figure before participating in ” Changjiang Seven ” , She was still a chubby girl , in order to participate in Zhou Xingchi In the movie , in addition to desperate to lose weight , she regularly goes to the beauty salon to do some body-shaping treatments . She also does body shaping and breast enhancement and oil massage every day , and then cooperates with diet and yoga to create a good body today . Zhang Yuqi said that breast enhancement is actually very simple . As long as you choose the right method for breast enhancement , plus perseverance and confidence , I believe that every girl that loves beauty will have a confident and straight breast !

Sports breasts are ” very natural “

Zhang Yuqi said that sports breast enhancement is the most practical method of her breasts enhancement tips . her breasts enhancement exercises to include swimming , yoga , push-ups and chest expansion exercises , but because the filming is too busy , many times you can only choose push-ups and yoga breast enhancement law . Zhang Yuqi’s yoga breast beauty method is very simple : put your hands together on your chest , press each other rhythmically , pause when inhaling , and force hard when exhaling , exercise for about 1 minute every day .

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Body shaping experts pointed out that proper exercise can promote breast blood circulation , make chest muscles strong , make breasts firm and plump , and yoga breast enhancement stimulates the mammary glands of female breasts through breast movements to promote the development and growth of breasts to achieve plumpness . The role of breasts . If you also want to build a full body of exercise , then you must have patience and perseverance .

Perfect diets for healthy eating

The second secret of Zhang Yuqi’s breast beauty is to like to eat some healthy and nutritious foods . In addition to supplementing vitamins in vegetables and fruits , she often eats beans and nuts , such as soybeans , peanuts , sesame , walnuts , etc . Foods with high protein content , ” healthy diet combined with conditioning massage of essential oils , you can’t even think about your chest , ” Zhang Yuqi is more confident now !

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The film part of plant seeds can promote the development of gonads . Soybeans and peanuts contain lecithin , while nuts such as almonds and walnuts are rich in protein . They are good breast enhancement foods , especially corn . Expert regulations are the best breast enhancement foods , and correct massage with essential oils can promote breast tissue and allow breasts to develop again .

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