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Young beauty loses weight suddenly! No factory phone for diet pills

Xiao Rong’s sudden death unit dormitory , more than a month after eating the weight loss drug ” Basha weight loss fruit ” . Citizen Xiaofei (pseudonym ) called the reporter , saying that he had purchased the same brand of diet pills as Xiaorong took six months ago . After taking it twice , he felt panic and bored , and then stopped taking it . Before , she originally wanted to buy another weight loss drug , and the store clerk strongly recommended to her weight loss fruit , saying it was a fruit weight loss drug without any side effects .

In the morning , the reporter got the rest of the weight loss fruit of Xiao Fei’s sister , the sign was exactly the same as Xiao Rong’s taking . According to Xiao Fei’s instructions , the reporter found the Guoyitang pharmacy where he bought the ” weight loss fruit ” on Phoenix Terrace , and found that there were still 3 boxes of weight loss fruit of the counter . The product is on the shelf .

The reporter did not find the manufacturer’s contact number on the weight-loss fruit packaging and instructions . Only the producers of Hong Kong Basa Health Products Research Co , Ltd , Beijing Wanjielang Medical Technology Co , Ltd . and a company in Guangzhou jointly produced the words . The reporter called Beijing and Guangzhou 114 respectively , and the inquiry desk said that the two companies ‘ telephones was not registered .

Afterwards , the reporter secretly interviewed the counters to weight loss medicine sales in some pharmacies in the urban area . During the unannounced interviews , all tellers did not take the initiative to inform the people that are not suitable for consumption . When the reporter asked if there were any taboos , most tellers said there were no taboos , but the reporters found on weight-loss products that most were marked as unsuitable people , such as heart disease , kidney disease patients , pregnant women , children and so on .

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