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You can also make a perfect awl face by making faces

You can also make face-lifts by making faces . Maybe you sound a little weird , but this is indeed a very effective method of face-lifting . The following edit will introduce you to the specific steps of this method .

1 . Triangular tongue .

Adjust the chin curve to eliminate double chin ! The chin is a part of the face that is prone to puffiness . The head is tilted backwards to extend the neck , and the tongue is rolled into a triangular shape and sticks out . Let the muscles on the deep side of the throat be stimulated to exercise the chin line ! Remember to lift your tongue !

2 . Forcefully expand the face to make a grimace : look at the small face target of the expansion effect .

The tongue is made of muscles and muscles , so stick it out to stimulate it and eliminate the tension between the internal organs . Remember to breathe while sticking your tongue out ! If you eat too much one day , this step will be effective against the evening and the next morning !

3 . Keep exhaling and send out “hee~hee~hee~” : lift up the chest as a whole .

Not only the corner of the mouth and the chin , but also the posture of lifting the throat , collarbone , and chest . This step has a wide-ranging effect on the skin ! Open your mouth gently , exhale and make a sound of “hee~hee~hee~ ” , while adding strength to the neck , remember to raise the collarbone and chest !

4 . Grimace expression : eliminate the puffiness of the eye gel and make the face smooths  .

This action can eliminate puffiness and swelling to the corners of the eyes . First , tighten your cheeks and stretch your nose down . The mouth is shaped like an ” o ” , with the eyes looking forward and then upwards , continuously repeating the movement towards the eyeballs up and down .

5 . Surprised smile : The flesh on both cheeks rises instantly .

If the position of the cheeks moves down , it will become a flat face , making the face look very large . Open your eyes vigorously and raise the corners of your mouth to raise your cheeks . The upper lip tighten inwards , and the lower lip protrudes the chin . The face as a whole becomes three-dimensional , playing the effect of a small face . Circle the round meat on both cheeks and use your hands to lift it up .

6 . Open your fingers and put away the massage again ! (Use second knuckle )

7 . Quickly tap the meat on the face with your fingers

Use the index finger of both hands to press the flesh where you want to be thin . Note : Do not slide your fingers across the face , press it !! ! Use both index fingers , go up and down ! ! Because here is to take pictures , so just One finger was used . ~ Press 5 seconds X2 times

8 . Pinch on both sides of the cheek

From the chin to the ears , pinch the bones and meat with your fingers . Press 5 seconds X2 times

9 . Massage the meat on the face vigorously

Press from left to right . Start from the bottom of the ear to the other ear , and then massage in the opposite direction .

In addition to making faces , if you want to be able to lose face quickly , recipes + methods :

1 . Drink at least 800ml of water every day

Drinking the right amount of water is one of the effective ways to help the face eliminate puffiness . If you don’t like to drink one cup and another cup of plain and tasteless watering every day , you can add a little lemon slices or lemon juice to the water ; if you use coffee , tea , soda or fruit juice to replace the water , its hydration effect cannot be equal to 800ml of water , It may also bring in heat that you did not plan .

2 . Eat at least 3 fruits and 3 vegetables per day

Face thinning is inseparable from weight loss throughout the body . So it is necessary to control the total calories ingested . Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only prone to fullness , but also helps you reduce your strong desire to eat dessert .

3 . Say ” No ” to alcohol

Whether it is beer , cocktails , liquor , or other forms into alcoholic beverages , it may make your face puffy and loose skin . In addition , the calories of alcoholic beverages are very high . With only one cup of alcoholic beverages of about 200ml , the calories can reach 100kcal .

4 . Increase calcium intake

A study shows that women that are tested take 1200mg of calcium from food every day , which can help the body consume fat faster and make the face slim and slim .

5 . Control salt intake

The more salt you eat every day , the more likely you are to swell your face . Should eat less canned food . Marinate fish . Sausage Cooked meat , and potato chips .

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