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Yoga weight loss is a good exercise to lose weight

The familiar name of yoga for weight loss , is it a certain kind of exercise to lose weight , congratulations to Lahaha , he is a very good way to lose weight , very healthy weight loss , this is a very green weight loss method , but speaking of green weight loss , I’m going to recommend a green weight loss medicine , green juice , natural vegetable and fruit weight loss medicine , and I know that the name is green when I look at the name~~

Remember the old American movie star Zhen Fangda , who was famous for teaching aerobic dance twenty years ago ?Do you know what she is over 60 years old? She stopped dancing aerobic dance and practiced yoga to lose weight. why?

The time of the time stopped

Maybe you will find it unbelievable , but once a senior yoga weight loss teacher said this : When you start learning yoga to lose weight , your age stays at the beginning . Very attractive ! Since ancient times , everyone’s old dream can be achieved only by yoga to lose weight !

Everyone knows that exercise can prolong life , but why can yoga lose weight against the laws of nature and stop the aging and decline of the body ? First , we must understand the causes of aging . Medical research in recent years has shown that human aging has a close relationship of excessive free radicals in the body . The research by Dr. Harman in the United States found that the more calories the human body ingests , the more free radicals are generated due to metabolism , and then the free radicals will continue to attack normal cells , resulting in permanent damage . Slowly , damaged cells will gradually increase , and irreparable cells will gradually increase , resulting in the occurrence of chronic diseases and significant aging phenomena in the body .

However , in many sports , why does yoga loses weight becomes a sport highly recommended by everyone , even experts and doctors ? Because yoga weight loss is a gentle exercise , focusing on whole body and balance , and general exercise focuses on physical strength and explosiveness , but not everyone is suitable for general sports such as jogging and playing , but it may be because of the imbalance of exercise In the long run , it will cause the deviation from the body . In addition , yoga weight loss posture and special breathing method can bring the body , mind and spirit into a state of balance , which is a state that other sports cannot reach .

Yoga weight loss represents a kind of harmony in ancient Indian culture . It can be regulated through breathing to maintain physical and mental stability . As for the law of posture , Indian practitioners at that time observed all things in nature and learned how animals adjusted their body functions to adapt to changes in the external environment and climate . Through deep , conscious breathing , and following the laws of all things in nature To adjust the position of the body function , balance the body and mind , strengthen the body organ function , and of course the years can not leave marks on you . This is youth forever !

The most basic skill of yoga for weight loss is ” abdominal breathing ” , deep breathing can help metabolize the old waste of the body . Because people’s lungs can store about 5 liters of air , but the average person breathes too shallow , only breathing 3 liters , and the remaining 2 liters are deposited under the lungs , which will breed bacteria over time and cause many diseases . The breathing method of yoga for weight loss fully communicates the air in the body of the air in the body , and also promotes the metabolism . Be aware that the body’s metabolic rate is getting lower and lower is one of the main causes of aging ! Yoga weight loss postures to emphasize the concept of body-mind integration and helps the body stretch and relax . Each gentle movement towards breathing training can massage the internal organs of different parts . Breathing intently is very important , because controlling breathing can make the muscles and bones stretch properly and seek the balance of the body . Yoga weight loss allows you to focus on the body and make it move slowly inside and outside the body .

This is why more and more people feel the benefits of yoga weight loss , have joined the wave of yoga weight loss , and look forward to maintaining youth through yoga weight loss ! The reason why yoga weight loss has become the most popular fitness exercises in Europe and the United States is because yoga weight loss can maintain the body and mind in an activated aerobic balance , allowing people to maintain health and beautification between limb stretching and breathing . The curve of the body . According to the U.S. ” Yoga Weight Loss Journal ” estimates , there are currently more than 6 million people in the United States who are learning yoga to lose weight , and 17 million people are interested in yoga to lose weight , showing that more and more people have learned the benefits of yoga weight loss .

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