Lose weight / Exercise to lose weight / Yoga + massage improves metabolism, detoxifies and loses weight!

Yoga + massage improves metabolism, detoxifies and loses weight!

The obesity problem has plagued many people . The most effective way to solve the obesity problem is to improve metabolism . Today I will teach you to use yoga and massage to eliminate weight loss , open up the meridians , stimulate blood circulation , not only can become more skinnier , but also It will accelerate metabolism and detoxification , and it is also helpful for weight loss in other parts .

The yoga action recommended by the editor is the classic skyscraper yoga

The function of Skyscraper Yoga : The Sanskrit for Skyscraper Yoga is ” Tadasana ” , which is one of the classic asanas in traditional Indian yoga . It plays a neutralizing and regulating role , relaxes our body and mind , and relieves the pressure on our spine and lumbar spine . The main function of ” Triple Burner ” are to complete the gasification process of body fluid and ensure smooth water channels . It is a pathway to transporting water and draining dross , and is the flow of the whole body’s essence . The ” Triple Burner ” carries vitality and is the power source of the gasification function . Promote the metabolism of the human body . The Skyscraper of Indian Yoga can unblock the ” Triple Burner ” , enhance vitality , clear qi , turbid qi , water can be transformed , dross can be excreted , and the feeling of natural discomfort disappears .

Skyscraper basic movements :

  • 1 . Stand on the mat in mountain style , with your feet shoulder-width apart , and your hands relaxed and clasped in front of your body .
  • 2 . By hand and ten fingers clasped on top of the head , the arms are straight .
  • 3 . Flip your wrist , palms outwards , and still keep your fingers clasped together .
  • 4 . Inhale , pull your body upward with your hands , stand on your toes , stare at this front , tuck your abdomen and chest .
  • 5 . Pay attention to use the traction of your hands to stand up on your toes and let the whole body focus on the forefoot .
  • 6 . Exhale , relax and let go of your hands slowly
  • 7 . Cooperate with breathing and slowly fall back .
  • 8 . Place on both sides , repeat this action 3-5 time , relax after finishing the action .

The massage method recommended by my wow.com editor is : shoulder fascia massages

The so-called fascia is the outer membrane surrounding the muscle . When the fascia of two adjacent muscles adheres  to each other , the muscles cannot move flexibly and gradually become hard and swollen . In other words , the most fundamental way to dissolve lumps is to loosen the adhered fascia and restore elasticity and flexibility to the muscles .

Step 1 : Clavicle Fascia Massage

  • 1 . The fingers other than the thumb of the left hand are naturally brought together , and the finger pads are placed in the depression below the clavicle on the right . Keep your fingers pressed for  the collarbone , while moving along the collarbone , move your right shoulder up and down 2-3 times .
  • 2 . Then open your right arm , and use your fingers to press down for the collarbone , and move the right arm in a circle of bottom to top 10 times . After finishing , press your fingers on the depression above the collarbone and move around the collarbone in two steps in the same way .

Step 2 : Shoulder fascia massage

  • 1 . Bring the fingers of the right hand together , bend the elbow from the front to support the left shoulder , use the whole part of the fingers and the palm of the hand to apply force , and slowly press the shoulder one by one .
  • 2 . Keep the right hand holding the left shoulder posture , open the left arm , bend the elbow , the upper arm is at the same height as the shoulder , raise the back arm up , and then turn the arm from front to back with the shoulder joint as the center .
  • 3 . Raise the elbow to the same height as the tip of the nose , open the left arm , hold the left shoulder with the right hand , and press the middle finger to the center of the palm , try to keep the left arm still , and move around the shoulder , collarbone , and chest .

Step 3 : neck fascia massage

  • 1 . Put the index finger , middle finger and ring finger together and press on the protruding bone behind the ear , instead of pressing on the depression , because the depression is a lymph node . If you press too much , it will cause swelling .
  • 2 . Keep the posture of pressing for the ears with both hands , tilt your head up , let your eyes go fully , and look into the distance .
  • 3 . After raising your head , keep your hands posture , slowly lower your head , look diagonally to the ground , move your head up and down 50 times . Note that whether you look up or lower your head , the amplitude should be large .

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