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“Yan Zhao Men” car model beasts’ private weight loss cheats

Recently , the beasts known as ” China’s first female car model ” by netizens was trapped in the ” Yanzhaomen ” incident . For a time , their indecent photos and video clips of their ex-boyfriends were circulated on the Internet .

The real name of the beast is Zhai Ling . He was born in August 1987 and is 177cm tall . At the 2008 Beijing Auto Show , this beautiful girl attracted attention to her fresh temperament and devilish figure , and won praise at major autos shows . Known as ” China’s first female car model ” by the majority of netizens , she is very popular and has many fans , and her blog has more than 12 million visits . Car models beast Zhai Ling is proud , so how does she lose weight ? If you want to have a perfect body , come and learn her private weight loss cheats !

Slimming Fast Ways:

The figure of the beast is particularly charming . The secret to maintaining such a charming figure is vegetarianism . Beasts do not like meat , but they like fruits and vegetables . She must eat one or two fruits after dinner every day . Apple is her favorite . Open fire white porridge is also her favorite , and sometimes dinner , she said that the feeling of drinking white porridge is very relaxed and comfortable . The restrained dietary habits make the beasts never have to worry about losing weight .

In fact , the beast does not particularly like sports , she also has a cheat is ” Standing the corner ” . This is a compulsory course of models : standing against the wall , the back of the head , shoulders , hips , calves and heels are all against the wall , and the knees and heels are close together , just standing . Is it too simple ? But it works wonders . Generally standing more than 30 minutes a day , just standing motionless , can sweat all over the body . Do not believe ? Try it , it’s good to be able to stick for 15-20 minutes at the beginning .

It takes no effort to do this ” lazy man ” exercises. When watching TV or taking the subway , you can practice standing against the wall or pulling a rod .

The benefits of this exercise , in addition to being able to burn calories , can also help us find a sense of uprightness , and consciously support the chest , abdomen , press shoulders , and tighten the hips , so as to maintain this kind of ” thing ” in daily life . ” Ting Yuli ” gestures. The beast said : ” After shopping for a long time , the abdominal muscles will hurt ” , also because of maintaining the ” vertical corner ” attitude .

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