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Winter weighted loss guide 7 pieces of weight loss common sense to create S body

Raider 1 . Must eat breakfast

According to the survey , one-third of office workers do not eat breakfast , especially in the winter , the cold weather makes people do not want to get up , too late to miss the time to eat breakfast . But in order to maintain the metabolism of the day and avoid hunger and eat at noon , please have breakfast .

Editor’s suggestion : eat jujube on an empty stomach

Eat 12 dried dates on an empty stomach in the morning . Red dates have the effect of moisturizing the heart and lungs , filling the five internal organs , and treating deficiency . When eaten in the morning , it can prevent hair loss and laxative . When the gastrointestinal function is not good , it is suitable to eat red dates to improve to gain physical strength .

Raider 2 . Dinner can be appropriate

40% of people that lose weight choose not to eat dinner , because the gastrointestinal function will deteriorate at night , the calories eaten are not easy to be digested , and it is easy to become fat accumulation . In fact , dieting will still cause the body to form a protective mechanism and accumulate more fatter for consumption , so MM can solve the dinner before seven o’clock , mainly nutrition .

Editor’s suggestion : You can eat weight-loss food such as oatmeal or lactic acid bacteria in the evening . Drink less water . Drinking too much water at night is easy to cause edema .

Raider 3 . Seasonal cleaning

Wintered is coming , a lot of clothes need to be updated , put away the short-sleeved skirt and take out the trousers jacket , then seize the opportunity to exercise , use the seasonal cleaning , clean the house clean , that is , do the housework How good is the slimming effect ! Do you know ? Cleaning the room can consume 134 kilocalories every 60 minute , and dragging the floor can consume 167.5 kilocalories !

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Raider 4. Improve intestinal health

1 . Daily five vegetables and fruits : eat at least five servings of fiber-rich foods such as fresh fruits , vegetables , humans , etc , eating more vegetables are conducive to improving the laxative function . Celery in vegetables and apples in fruits are both Eat high-fiber foods .

2 . Herbal tea : Herbal tea is natural and healthy , can increase gastrointestinal motility , diuretic and laxative , . So it can effectively improve constipation and edema !

Raider 5 . Walk 30 minutes a day

The winter sun is the most beloved , warm and warm . When the weather is good , walk and walk , the metabolism is greatly improved , and the thin thighs and hips curve is more perfect . Walking is recognized as the best weight loss exercise . Every now and then , go down the road , fat oil shines !

Raider 6 . Only enough to supplement

Winter is prone to various diseases . Many people choose to supplement with winter to increase heat and resist cold . But tonic should also have a degree , otherwise it will increase your fat . We can choose some less fat , such as chicken and mushrooms , lamb and winter melon , dog meat and tofu . In addition , the amount and frequency of supplementation should not be too much . The MM for weight loss can adjust the time of supplementation to noon and skim from  the oil .

Raider 7 . Remind yourself at all times

The weather is cold , hot pot and barbecue become people’s favorite . The MM for weight loss can’t resist the temptation . Before moving the chopsticks , we have to think twice . We ate this relationship ourselves . Will we come to lose weight tomorrow ? If you think so , So can we wear the original pants next spring ? Do we have to experience painful weight loss experience ? Keep reflecting on yourself , you need to tell yourself : I do n’t want to get fat anymore , I want to put on beautiful clothes the first time next year Clothes ! You can prepare a dress to seduce yourself or often try spring clothes to restrain yourself .

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