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Winter weight loss exercise combats fat lines!

When our weight increases rapidly , the fat lines spread unscrupulously in the lower abdomen , thighs and buttocks , which not only affects the appearance and mood , but also accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as dry and itchy skin . To eliminate these annoying fat lines , you must know the following methods .

Compared with men and women of the same age , women have more and more serious obesity striae tissues than men . With age , muscle fat and other muscles become loser , and the chances of obesity striae tissues increase relatively . Women who exercise less need to be especially careful , because this type of person is particularly prone to obesity .

Obesity patterns can be divided into four levels according to their severity . It is best to test which level you belong to . If the level is too high , you must pay serious attention .

1 . Obesity pattern green light :

Whether you are lying or standing , or even squeezing or kneading your skin with your hands , your skin will appear smooth , perform well and pass the test safely , but you must continue to maintain it .

2 . Yellow light with obesity pattern :

The skin looks very smooth , but as long as you knead the thighs , buttocks and other parts with a little force , you will see obesity patterns , means that the lower body has begun to appear obesity patterns , which is more terrible . In the long run , there will be great development !

3 . Fat pattern red light :

When you are lying down , you can’t see the appearance of fat lines , but when standing , some parts of the body shows unsightly bumps and wrinkles . When the fat lines have affected the appearance of the body , it is time to take action !

4 . Obesity pattern alert :

This is the most serious degree . Whether you are lying down or standing , you can clearly see the distribution of obesity striae tissues . This time you can face the problem .

However , even if there is a fat pattern , there is nothing terrible . There are ways to defeat it , but we must understand it morally , know how it invades , and know that the other side can be defeated .

As the saying goes , life lies in exercise , and exercise is of course a good way to eliminate obesity lines . Remember not to do that kind of high-intensity exercise , it will turn you into a strong , muscular one .

1 . Walking , posture , breathing and thoughts :

When walking , the heels fall on the ground first , and you have to walk step by step . When breathing , you use body breathing , that is , when you inhale , you imagine that the true air in the universe is inhaled into your body of the pores of your body , and when you exhale , you think about the sickness and turbidity of your body . Fatigue is ejected through the capillaries of the whole body , and penetrates the horizon . Breathing must be combined with the speed of walking , not fast . Practicing the function of natural ventilation , landing on the heel first can mobilize the kidney meridian , . So it has the effect of strengthening the kidney and consolidating the essence .

2 . Running , posture : jogging , breathing . Mind :

Body breathing , that is , when inhaling , I imagine that the true air in the universe is sucked into the body of the pores of the whole body . When exhaling , I imagine that the whole body’s sick , turbid and fatigue air is ejected through the capillaries of the body and penetrates the horizon . Breathing should be combined with the speed of running , not too fast . Note : When running , the tip of the tongue is always against the upper gums . When saliva appears in the mouth , it indicates that the endocrine system is active . You can swallow the saliva into your belly . When jogging , don’t up and down too much , pay attention to gentle . Indications of Sjogren’s syndrome , strengthening the function of the endocrine system ; systemic conditioning .

3 . Shaking method : Posture . Action Mind :

Step on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart , your hands should be drooping naturally , your legs should be slightly bent , your whole body should be loose , your eyebrows stretched , your face should be smiling , and your whole body should tremble regularly . After shaking for a while , the body became loose , thinking of the sickness , turbidity and fatigue of the whole body , draining into the ground along the already unobstructed meridian . After a while , giving up the idea of ”expelling the sickness and intending to stay in the Dantian for a while . Observe the real qi running inside the body , and finally take three deep breaths , sinking the qi into the lower Dentine as a collection of power . This power can be practiced anytime and anywhere , regardless of the venue . Breathe naturally . Exhaust gas ; Indications of neurasthenia , dizziness , and swelling . After practice , there is a feeling of tall and clear mind . It is especially suitable for mental workers to practice ; it is a kind of systemic conditioning , and the whole body are relaxed after practice .

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