Lose weight / Weight loss diet / Will eating noodles make you fat? Don’t worry about eating noodles to lose weight!

Will eating noodles make you fat? Don’t worry about eating noodles to lose weight!

Noodles are the favorite food of northern girls , but many women that are losing weight do not dare to eat them because they are afraid that eating noodles will make them fat . Will noodles make you fat ? Today , the editor will teach you how to eat noodles without gaining weight , and I recommend an oil-free tomato and green vegetable noodles . The steps are simple and the taste is good . The most important thing is not to be afraid of getting fat .

Will noodles make you fat ?

Each 100 grams of noodles contain : 6 grams of protein , 1 gram of fat , 35 grams of carbohydrates , and the total calories are about 160 kcals . Compared to other high-calorie , high-fat foods , noodles are really not a fat food . However , you should still follow the principle of proper amount , and be ” careful ” about the calories you eat every day .

How to eat noodles to lose weight : eat at noon

Noodles is one of the staple foods rich in carbohydrates . It can provide the human body with enough calories to ensure the body’s daily operation . The water absorption capacity of noodles is very strong . After 100 grams of noodles are cooked , they can gain 300 grams of weight . This is why it can provide the human body with a good feeling of fullness . So when is noodles the most beneficial to health ? That is to eat at noon . Breakfast should choose foods containing high-quality protein , and noodles for dinner are not easy to digest . A bowl of noodles at noon can not only get a good feeling of fullness , but also supplement the calories digested in the morning and supplement the energy needed in the afternoon .

How to lose weight by eating noodles : eat it warmly

There are various ways to eat noodles . There are warm noodle soup and watery sides . However , in order to avoid too much irritation to the stomach , you’d better eats warm noodles , so that the noodles will be easier to digest and absorb , So as not to stay in the stomach for too long .

How to eat noodles to lose weight : eat oil-free tomato and vegetable noodles

Main ingredients : dried noodles (the amount can be adjusted according to your dietary needs ) , a tomato , about seven green vegetables , right ?

Seasoning : salt , chicken essence , pepper , a little cornstarch .

Steps :

1 . Put two bowls of water in the pot (calculated according to the size of the bowl for noodles ) , and boil the water for about two minutes .

2 . Cut the tomatoes to pieces (about one is cut into eight pieces ) . Put the tomatoes in the water after boiling . Boil the tomato juice . About 1 to 2 minutes .

3 . Put the noodles into the edema and start seasoning at the same time . At this point , the water should have the sour taste of tomatoes (salt , and chicken essence ) . If you feel it is not sour enough , you can put in appropriate vinegar .

4 . When the noodles are almost cooked , add greens and peppers . At the same time , put cornstarch in a little water to make a little bit of water and pour into the cooked noodles . In this way , the water in the noodles will not be very clear , and will be a little thick , which feels like a lot of noodles .

5 . Finally , serve the noodles and eat them .

Editor’s comment :

This weight loss recipe does not require oil , and the soup is delicious . Even if you drink it all , you don’t have to worry about getting fat . Very suitable for people who like to eat sour food . The editor loves it . Especially when you are hungry and dare not to eat more . This is the most suitable . In fact , many dishes can be made without oil , and the taste is not necessarily worse than that with oil .

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