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Which type of diet pills are suitable for you?

When buying weight loss pills , many people chooses which type of weight loss pills is effective , and some people think that Chinese medicines have no side effects , but have you ever thought whether these weight loss pills are suitable for you ? Everyone’s system is different , and the degree of obesity is also different , . So you must be careful when choosing weight loss pills .

That needs to lose weight :

At the ” Symposium on Obesity and Disease Risk of Chinese People ” organized by the China Office of the International Society for Life Sciences , experts reached consensus on the Chinese obesity standard : using body masses the index (BMI ) as a criterion for judging obesity According to the standard , when the BMI is greater than 24 , It is overweight , and when it is greater than 28 , It is obese .

How is BMI measured ? As the most commonly used standard for judging obesity internationally , BMI = body weight (Kg ) / height squared (m2 ) . In addition , there are some people whose weight are ” standards” , but the fat distribution are not proportional , such as the common pear-shaped body . These people also belong to the category of obesity . According to the data onto waist-hip ratios . At present , the universal waist-hip ratio standard for women is waist circumference (cm ) / hip circumference (cm ) should be less than 0.85 . If it is severely exceeded , it will have to be reduced if it is not ” fat ” , because the fat concentrated in the abdomen are a health hazard that is much larger than that distributed among the limbs and buttocks !

Most of the weight loss products commonly used by consumers are weight loss tea and weight loss capsules , most of which are purchased through advertising or friend introduction . According to the author’s observation , many supermarket weight-loss teas are placed on the shelves or piled up in the aisles in the aisle , and there are few shopping guides . However , most people are not clear about the composition and mechanism of weight loss health products . Relevant experts believe that weight-loss health products are different from general health products . Different weight-loss products have different applicable groups . They should be purchased according to different circumstances under the guidance of professionals . The sales point should also have relevant personnel to guide consumers to purchase such products .

Relevant experts reminded dieters : First of all , it is necessary to see the main ingredients of the product . General weight-loss teas mainly include hawthorn , cassia , pore , etc . Once found to contain illegal drugs such as ” fenfluramine ” or ” deethylfenfluramine ” , They must not be purchased . When buying , you should recognize the word ” Health Food Health ” officially approved by the Ministry of Health . It is best to go to a reputable shopping mall or sales point to avoid buying fakes that are harmful to your health .

In addition to the enhancement of consumer self-protection awareness , the health department should strengthen publicity , tell consumers scientific weight loss methods , spot-check product ingredients in a timely manner , often disclose unqualified products , and require manufacturers to indicate the applicable population and human body on the packaging The unfavorable factors in order to achieve the purpose of regulating the market .

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