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When is it good to lose weight after delivery ?

Post-natal body shape change must be a nightmare for every new mother ! If you want to restore the pre-devil figure , then do enough homework ! When is it good to lose weight after delivery ? What kind of to exercise is good for weight loss after birth ? What to eat to lose weight fasted after delivery ?

When to lose weight after delivery

When is it good to lose weight after giving birth ? Six months after giving birth are the golden period for the new mother to lose weight !

Didn’t think that losing weight is dieting ! It’s too blind ! Just after the birth , the new mother’s body has not fully recovered from the level before pregnancy , and some of them are also burdened with heavy feeding tasks . At this time , dietary supplements are needed . Dieting It’s just a joke about health ! Losing weight after childbirth can’t be done too quickly . Losing weight during confinement and breastfeeding is very harmful , and new mothers must pay special attention . Chinese medicine talks about postpartum hemorrhage , qi deficiency , and insufficient blood and blood . At this time , it is the most necessary to recuperate the body and supplement nutrition . You must not force yourself to lose weight regardless of your body .

Postpartum weighted loss , proper exercise , yoga , or diet adjustment , the recovery of the body is the king ! In addition , it should be not that postpartum weight loss must say NO to weight loss pills ! Taking weight loss pills during breastfeeding not only hurts the body but also Has a certain impact on baby’s health !

What exercised to lose weight after giving birth

Active postpartum exercise is a very effective method of weight loss ! So what kind of to exercise is good for postpartum weight loss ?

1 . You can start activities on the first day after childbirth , for example : doing some roll-over , leg-lifting and anal contraction exercises on the bed . In particular , anal contraction exercised is very beneficial to the recovery of pelvic floor muscles and sarcolemma . For women undergoing cesarean section : before the stitches are removed , you can do some activities of turning over and walking down the ground , and after the stitches are removed , you can move appropriately .

2 . Pregnant women can do light housework a week after giving birth . Taking a walk after meals every day can promote the regulation of metabolism , promote the breakdown of fat , consume excess energy in the body , and prevent yourself from gaining weight . One week after childbirth , you can start doing some sit-ups and leg lifts on the bed to exercise the abdominal muscles and lumbar muscles , which helps the recovery of rectus abdominous muscles separated by subcutaneous fibers , and at the same time reduces the fat in the abdomen and buttocks .

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