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When does slim to exercise work best ? The four most effective weight loss exercises

Now people want simple weight loss methods . In all sports weight loss projects , weight loss exercised is a well-received way to lose weight . It is simple and fun and can achieve the effect of weight loss and fitness . So when does weight loss exercise jump ?

When does weight loss exercised have the best effect

The best time to do weight loss exercises are in the afternoon . In order to achieve a better weight loss effect , weight loss exercises should be performed three times throughout the day , and it is more appropriate for each morning and evening .

1 . Morning time from 6 : 30 to 7 : 30 .

Because this time can wake up the body function , ensure the smooth flow of qi and blood for a day , and promote the consumption of calories .

2 . From 3 to 4 in the afternoon .

Because this timed in the afternoon , people have a strong spirit . So it is the easiest to lose weight by jumping weight loss exercises .

3 . One hour after dinner .

Because it can help the digestion of dinner and consume the energy absorbed in this day . Drink plenty of water afterwards and stop eating . Otherwise , the unspent energy will be converted to fat during sleep .

Note : Do not exercise on an empty stomach for a long time , otherwise the weight will drop sharply , the organ function will be impaired , and health will be affected . But you can’t practice just after eating . Generally , you can do weight-loss exercises only about 70 minutes after eating .

When does the weight-loss exercise had the best jumping effect ? ”The four the most effective weight-loss exercises back to top .

The four most effective weight loss exercises

1 leg weight loss exercised

Motion : Lying on the ground with one hand , supporting the head with one hand , the feet touching the ground are curved , the left foot is upward , when the toes are pressed down to the highest point , the muscles are tight and stay still for about 7 seconds . The same action , side to side operation .

Benefits : It can exercise leg muscles and prevent the accumulation of leg fat .

2 Arm weight loss exercised

Motion : Standing upright on the ground , standing upright , holding a bottle of mineral water in each hand , raising both arms above the head , then slowly retracting the left hand , the right hand is forcibly extended upwards , then the left hand is extended upwards , the right hand is slowly retracted , hands alternate Practice until your arms feel sore and tired .

Benefits : It can accelerate the burning of arm fat to achieve the effect of thin arms .

3 buttocks weight loss exercises

Motion : Sit on the ground , legs together and straight , hands on both sides of the body . Keep your back straight and put your arms of your shoulders after crossing your arms . Lift the left thigh and use the strength of the waist and hips to move the hips forward . The same action , side to side operation . does it in turns for 6 minutes .

Benefits : It can modify the waist line , firm the hips and inner thigh muscles and hips .

4 abdominal weight loss exercises

Motion : prone on the ground , with your hands straight in front of your body , feet together at the bottom of the toe groove , the body forms a diagonal line , inhale , bend your right foot knee , twist it to the left , the action insists about 10 breath , And then switch to the other side to repeat the action just now .

Benefits : It is beneficial to exercise abdominal muscles and achieve the effect of thin waist .

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