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What to eat to lose weight and lose weight?

Everyone knows that fat is due to eating . Excessive calories result in excess calories , turns into fat , especially the kind that eats and sits , the belly is layer after layer of fat , but there is suitable You can also eat a good figure and eat the fat on your belly , depending on how you eat it . Today I recommend several foods for weight loss and thin bellies  , and eat the meat of the belly .

What should I eat to lose weight ?

First of all , we must select the food for the competition . It must be low in calories and full of satiety . It is best to have a certain effect on fat decomposition . Of course , it is best to be delicious ! The following list of diet pills recommends a few foods that are effective against weight loss and thin stomach . You can try to eat them .

1 . Celery

When it comes to weight loss foods , celery has to be mentioned . This food with ” negative calorie ” vegetables are the first choice of weight loss foods . In addition to its very low calorie content , celery is also rich in fiber and has a strong sense of fullness . It is the first choice of weight loss and beauty . How can celery lose weight when it is eaten ? You can refer to this article .

2 . Green tea

We know that the abdominal cavity is mainly the intestine . In addition to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen itself , there will also be a large amount of internal fat accumulation in the intestine . Green tea contains catechol as an ingredient that can accelerate the burning of fat , and the caffeine in green tea has the effect of accelerating metabolism , so green tea weight loss recipes can speed up the body’s metabolism . Drinking green tea often is much better than drinking other fruit drinks .

3 . Leek

Leek is rich in vitamins , protein , trace elements , carotene and a large amount of cellulose , which can prevent and improve constipation while ensuring nutrition , and discharge garbage , toxins and oils in the intestine . Chinese medicine Called it ” Cleaning the Intestines ” , It can be seen that the effect of cleansing the bowels is very good . The intestines are cleaned up , and the fat on the stomach will go away . With the eggs , you can make a delicious egg leek Detox diet recipe . However , not everyone can eat leeks , and pregnant women , people with vigorous fire , bad breath , or mouth sores are not suitable for eating leeks .

4 . Milk

Drinking milk to lose weight Everyone knows that the claim that calcium is related to weight loss has not been supported (in some studies , it does promote weight loss ) , but in fact , milk does play a role in the burning of abdominal fat . In a 2010 study from the University of Alabama in Birmingham , it was found that among 100 menopausal women , those who consumed a lot of calcium foods lost more fatter . In fact , by taking 100 mg of calcium per day , the body can lose one inch of belly fat , so drinking milk to lose weight and slimming the belly effect is good .

5 . Papaya

The calorie of 100 grams of papaya is 27 calories , and the sugar content is not particularly high . Papaya contains papaya enzymes , which can promote the decomposition of proteins , sugars , and fats , so as to reduce mast cells , promote metabolism , and remove belly fat ! note The papaya enzyme of green papaya is about twice that of mature papaya .

In addition , papaya does not only have the effect of weight loss . According to the online news , it is one step to lose weight , beauty , and breast enhancement . Do you really want to try it ?

If you are a female friend that sits in the office for a long time , then a small belly will really be produced in the invisible , so this type of white-collar workers come and try these five foods for weight loss and thin belly .

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