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What should I pay attention to when embedding acupoints for weight loss?

Today’s weight loss methods are really dazzling, such as weight loss capsules, weight loss tea, surgery, etc., but among them, drugs such as weight loss capsules are the most undesirable. Although the effect is obvious, it is very It is easy to disturb human endocrine, even harmful to some organs of the body. Therefore, if you lose weight, it is recommended that you use acupoint embedding thread to lose weight, the effect is better and the side effects are relatively small.

However, if you want to lose weight through acupuncture point embedding, in order to achieve a better weight loss effect, you must pay attention to good care after embedding the thread, while ensuring the weight loss effect, you can also prevent any adverse side effects. This is the effect we want. In fact, the acupuncture point embedding weight loss method is an extension and development of acupuncture to lose weight, and it is an improved external moxibustion. This method of embedding the thread once every 15 days eliminates the trouble and pain of “needle” once a day for obese patients, and is the preferred method of weight loss for busy modern people.

Embedded weight loss care:

After embedding the thread to lose weight, in order to prevent infection, the acupuncture points buried in the thread should not be exposed to water, the first day can not be bathed, the next day can be washed, the cover tape can be removed after bathing.

1. The first two or three days are more painful, depending on individual differences, the degree varies, pay attention to rest, and it will be relieved soon.

2. The occurrence of diarrhea several times is to eliminate toxins in the body, do not take antidiarrheal drugs.

3. There are bruises at the embedding site for a few days, because the small capillaries bleed when embedding the thread, causing subcutaneous hemorrhage, no need to be nervous, it will absorb itself and dissipate after a week or two, such as heat compress can accelerate the absorption.

4. Some low fever after embedding the thread, it will be better after a day or two, without medicine.

5. Some slight allergies, a little red rash, you can eat astemizole, or without treatment, it will heal itself.

Course of treatment

Usually takes 4 sessions as a course of treatment. Embedding to lose weight once can last 15 days. Generally, the weight loss effect can be seen once. After one course of treatment, the weight can be reduced by 8 to 20 kg. In addition, waist circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference, etc. will be significantly reduced.

Know what you should pay attention to when embedding acupuncture points for weight loss, and also remind you that the main principle of acupoint embedding for weight loss is to control people’s appetite through embedding acupoint points. Food, only the combination of acupoint embedding and diet can achieve its best weight loss effect!

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