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What kind of tea is best to lose weight?

For every fat paper , it is the happiest thing to lose body fat . There are many ways to lose weight , but are there any weight loss methods that can play a health role ? Of course , this method of losing weight is to drink some tea for weight loss . When it comes to tea , the most common beverage in the world , especially in China , it is the most common . As for the benefits of drinking tea , I won’t say much about it . Today , I will introduce you to several slimming teas with good weight loss effects .

Weight loss effect of green tea

Green tea can effectively reduce body fat and make body weight lighters . Use 5g of green tea , 5g of Polygonum multiflora , 5g of Alisma , and 5g of Salvia miltiorrhiza . Put these materials together with Chinese herbal medicines in the pot and cook them . Only one drink per day can play the role of promoting blood circulation and reducing blood fat .

Puer tea’s weight loss effects

Fermented Pu’er tea can reduce blood sugar and triglycerides in animals , thereby reducing weight . The slimming tea made with Pu’er tea is : use 3 grams of dried lotus leave (10 grams if fresh tea leaves ) , 5 grams of raw hawthorn , and 2 grams of Pu’er tea . Cut the lotus leaf and raw hawthorn into thin filaments , and then put it into a kettle for making tea . After washing the tea with a small amount of hot water a few times , you can drink it with hot water above 90 degrees for 10 minutes . This slimming tea can play the role of heat , blood circulation , detoxification and cellulite .

Weight loss effect of black tea

Black tea has undergone more oxidation reactions , and its weight control effect is also very obvious after research . And the weight loss tea made with black tea is very simple to introduce to you . First brew black tea with boiling water , add honey and lemon slices when it is warm , you can first squeeze the lemon juice , and then add it to the tea water . The weight loss effect of this lemon honey black tea is not only good , but also tastes good .

Weight loss effect of oolong tea

Oolong tea is a kind of traditional tea . It is a type of tea that has been partially oxidized . The degree of oxidation is between green tea and black tea . Oolong tea has a very good effect on improving the body’s metabolism . Drinking oolong tea can consume more calories . Use 5g of oolong tea , 30g of Polygonum multiflora , 20g of dried hawthorn , and 20g of winter melon skin together in the pot to cook until the hawthorn is cooked . After filtering the residue , leave the boiled tea juice to drink . The slimming effect of this slimming tea is very high . The rich tea polyphenols further inhibit the body’s absorption of fat .

White tea weight loss effects

White tea contains the same catechin antioxidant as green tea . The extract from white tea can quickly dissolve the fat cells in the body and prevent the formation of new fat cells . So if you choose to drink white tea to lose weight , it is even simpler . Add two pieces of ginger and white tea tea leaves to the kettle for making tea . After brewing with hot water , wait for the temperature to drop , then add an appropriate amount of honey to taste . Ginger slices are added because white tea is also a cold type of green tea , and most women’s physique is cold , especially after birth , but if you don’t like it , you can use ginger slices instead of honey .

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