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What is the most effective weight loss tea?

The weight loss tea is popular because weight loss is a painful process , especially the process of controlling diet and exercise . It is very difficult for foodies to control diet , and there are a lot of exercise Factors lead to failure to do continuous exercise , such as laziness , no time , etc , . So it is a very weight-loss method that tests people’s willpower , and many weight-loss teas can help everyone consume excess when not exercising and not controlling diet . Fat , to achieve the purpose of weight loss , but there are a variety of weight loss teas on the market , so what is the most effective weight loss tea is a matter of concern to everyone .

Top 10 the most effective weight loss tea rankings

1 . Black tea :

Can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen . Speaking of obesity , people immediately think of belly fat , and black tea has a significant effect on suppressing the increase in belly fat . Slimming black tea with lean belly weight loss exercises can quickly help you get rid of belly fat . Black tea is made by fermentation of Aspergillus nigger , and as the name suggests , it is black . During fermentation , a Punoir component is produced , which prevents fat accumulation . Want to use black tea to lose weight , it is best to drink strong tea just brewed . In addition , you should keep drinking 1.5 liters a day , drink a glass before and after meals , and stick to it for a long time .

2 . Rose honey slimming tea

Rose honey slimming tea is mild in nature , reduces fire energy , regulates blood gas , promotes blood circulation , nourishes beauty , and has the functions of eliminating fatigue , healing wounds , protecting liver and gastrointestinal , long-term drinking can also help promote metabolism , play a role in weight loss and fat loss The role .

Note : Roses have an astringent effect , and constipation is not suitable for drinking . Roses are relatively warm , . So it is best to use them as little as possible .

3 . Weight loss tea lotus leaf tea :

Ancient slimming secret medicine A drink made of lotus flowers , leaves and fruits , not only refreshing , but also improve the complexion and lose weight . Taking full advantage of lotus leaf tea to lose weight requires some tips .

First of all , it must be strong tea , the effect of the second bubble is not good .

Secondly , drink it 6 times a day . People with signs of constipation can drink 4 sachets a day , and drink it in 4 times , which makes the stool smooth and more beneficial for weight loss .

Third , it is best to drink on an empty stomach .

The advantage of lotus leaf tea is that you don’t have to diet . After drinking lotus leaf tea for a period of time , your food preferences will naturally change and you will not like greasy food .

4 . Luo Han Guo tea

You can taste sweetness when you lose weight . In order to maintain the graceful figure , say Byyebye to sweets . But when you are always greedy , if there is a kind of pure sweet tea with very low calories , would you drink it ? Luo Han Guo tea is such a good drink !

Special tip : Although it is as sweet as sugar , the calories are almost equal to zero .

5 . Oolong tea :

Burnable body fat oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin C , but is rich in iron , calcium and other minerals , and contains ingredients that promote digestive enzymes and break with fat . Drinking a cup of oolong tea before and after a meal can promote the decomposition of fat so that it is directly excreted from the body of being absorbed by the body , preventing obesity caused by excessive intake of fat .

6 . Pu’er tea

Most Chinese teas has the effect of promoting fat metabolism . Pu’er tea is a master of eliminating excess fat , which is very helpful for thin stomaches , eliminating fat and flattening the lower abdomen . The elements contained in tea have the effect of enhancing the breakdown of belly fat .

Special tip : Pu’er tea has a special taste , but it is not bitter .

7 . Eucommia ulmo ides tea :

Can reduce neutral fat . Because the ingredients contained in Eucommia can promote metabolism and calorie consumption , and cause weight loss . In addition , it also has the effect of preventing aging and strengthening the body .

8 . Wolfberry tea

Chinese wolfberry tea is actually a Chinese medicine , but it can only cure constipation . If you have no bowel movements towards three consecutive days , you can buy some wolfberry tea without a particularly bitter taste . To understand the principle of detoxification first . Therefore , wolfberry tea has the effect of weight loss and detoxification .

Special reminder : drink more at night , refresh yourself in the morning , and no longer burnout .

9 . Mung bean chrysanthemum tea

Mung bean and chrysanthemum are all suitable for summer heat and detoxification , so this tea can play the role of detoxification and beauty , cool the heat , tighten the pores and remove acne . Take 3 grams of chrysanthemum 10 grams , green bean paste 30 grams , lemon 10 grams , a little honey . After boiling the chrysanthemum in water , add lemon juice and mung bean juice in the chrysanthemum water and stir , then put a little honey .

10 . Lemon tea

Lemon slimming tea eliminates garbage in the body , reduces toxins , and consolidates the effect of slimming . Whether it is fresh lemon or dried lemon , make tea and drink with honey . After a period of time , not only will the weight loss was obvious , but the skin will be tender and white .

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