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What fruit to eat to lose weight the fastest

Many women love to eat fruit , so the most frequently heard in the slimming circle of friends is the fruit weight loss method , but fruit weight loss is also a skill and choice , and some fruits may not necessarily lose weight , today we come to understand eating What fruits lose weight the fastest , will not choose fruits blindly .

Banana diets

Banana weight loss method refers to the way to lose weight by eating bananas for breakfast . Bananas are well digested and absorbed , and can maintain energy for a long time . If you only eat bananas dipped in honey , the calories are much lower than the dinner , which can keep people in good shape .

Benefits of Banana Weight Loss

1 . Add sufficient water to improve the water circulation of the body .

2 . Intake sufficient vitamins , minerals and dietary fiber .

3 . Intake of plant nutrients , anti-oxidation effect can maintain good health .

4 . Rich enzymes can activate human metabolic functions .

5 . Let the stomach get time to rest .

6 , rich in sugar allows people to control abnormal diet .

Apple diets

Apple weight loss method is a way to lose weight by eating only apples in three days , generally eat 2-3 apples per day . After losing weight with apples , because of not eating all kinds of food for 3 consecutive days , people’s stomach is temporarily tender .

Apple is rich in essential nutrients , which can meet the normal needs of the human body . At the same time , modern medicine proves that apple can relieve constipation and has a good therapeutic effect on constipation . During weight loss , the special substances contained in apple will cause the toxins in the body to be expelled smoothly , . So it can quickly lose weight and improve people’s physique .

Three-day apple weight loss method

1 . Only eat apples for three consecutive days , and do not eat other fruits and food .

2 . You can eat apples according to the time of three meals , or eat when you are hungry , and eat until you are full .

3 . No matter what kind of apples are available , it is best to use red apples . Green apples are sour , and they may irritate the stomach .

4 . Apples should be eaten fresh and washed and peeled to avoid pesticide residues .

5 . During these three days , when you are thirsty , you can drink boiled water or non-irritating tea , such as mint tea , barley tea , safflower tea , houttuynia tea , etc .

6 . During weight loss , your stomach will be very sensitive , so avoid drinking caffeinated beverages , such as black tea , coffee , green tea , oolong tea , etc , to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort .

7 . If you have constipation problems of / with apple weight loss , you can drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil on the third night to moisten the intestines and promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body .

Lemon diets

As we all know , lemon is a kind of nutritious fruit rich in vitamin C , and most people regard it as a beauty food . In fact , the substances contained in lemons are still very effective weight loss substances after reasonable deployment . It can make you an outstanding woman with beautiful appearance and figure while enjoying the deliciousness of lemon .

Origin of Lemon Weight Loss

Dr. Tao Xuefen , a well-known weight loss expert on integrated Chinese and Western medicine , said that the ” lemon weight loss method ” is somewhat related to the Nobel Prize . The citric acid rich in lemon are an important compound in the process of converting fat , protein and sugar into carbon dioxide in physiology . The discovery was made by the British German biochemist Hans Adolf Krebs , for which Krebs also won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1953 . This weight loss method is now the most fashionable in Japan , and is also very popular with the entertainment industry . Han Xing Li Xiaoli and Song Huiqiao have all used lemon weight loss methods . Moreover , Zhao Wei , a newly-directed director , has also released a weight-loss cheat on Weibo-lemon weight loss method , which makes lemon weight loss method highly respected .

Lemon slimming effect

1 . Citric acid inhibits fat accumulation

When we ingest citric acid , we can effectively prevent the blood sugar level from rising after diet , and at the same time break in the fatigue substance-lactic acid , so that the sugars and lipids ingested from food can be quickly converted into energy , even if consumed To avoid excess accumulation , and promote metabolic power throughout the body .

2 . Fresh aroma avoids stress eating

When the mood is high or fluctuating , it is easy to produce stress , which can be relieved by eating . Such a diet is definitely an enemy of weight loss ! The natural and fresh aroma of lemon can help you calm your mood , ease your emotions and let Keep your mind calm and prevent the outbreak of false appetite .

3 . Different functions before and after meals

Eating foods with strong flavor , or ingesting too many lipids , drinking a glass of lemonade after a meal will make you feel comfortable immediately , and it will also prevent false appetite for happening again . Drinking before meals can activate gastrointestinal function , improve digestion , and avoid excessive accumulation of indigestion after eating .

4 . Promote blood circulation and improve metabolic power

Lemonade soaked in warm water starts to dissipate heat of the center of the body , alleviate the problems of visceral supercooling , and the role of citric acid . At this time , the body’s energy is rapidly consumed , the whole body’s blood circulation , and the metabolic power are immediately improved . With a cup , you can also develop a lean body , no longer need to envy others !

Eat watermelon to lose weight

Eating watermelon to lose weight is a method of using watermelon instead of staple food to lose weight .

Due to concerns about the high calorie content of staple food , many girls will choose the popular ” fruit weight loss method ” , which is to replace the staple food with fruit three meals a day until they are full . It is said that it can play a role in rapid weight loss . When watermelons were launched in large quantities , many girls chose to use sweet and delicious watermelons instead of eating to lose weight . Watermelon can diuretic , help digestion , eliminate edema .

The water content of watermelon is not comparable to that of ordinary fruits . It is more than 94% water , which can help eliminate excess water in the body , maintain normal operation of kidney function , and eliminate puffiness . The amino acids in watermelon have the function of diuresis , but it is not frequent urination . Instead , it helps you reduce the number of peeing , and the amount of urine increases , the body’s toxins can be smoothly discharged , the metabolism will naturally be good , for drinking caused Dizziness and fatigue , and its effect of detoxification is also very good . Therefore , many people think that eating watermelon can lose weight .

These kinds of fruits are recommended by the gods of weight loss . There are popular fruits of the Internet to lose weight . I heard that these kinds of fruits lose weight the fastest . In the summer , the editor also wants to try whether it is a true legend . It’s so god , but I still recommend that you must lose weight healthy , no matter which fruit weight loss method is used , the premise must be healthy .

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