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What food can not be eaten during weight loss?

Obesity is caused by being unable to control your mouth , and weight loss has always been a topic that people always talk about . Whether it is a boy or a girl , they have strict control over their body shape . Weight loss is a very painful thing . can not eat . The following editors solemnly warn everyone that species foods that must not be eaten during weight loss , such as lollipops , chestnuts , chocolates , filling juices , sausages , etc , or all previous efforts to lose weight are in vain !

5 kinds of food that can not be eaten during weight loss

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

1 . Lollipop

No matter how old the girl is , there is a little girl in her heart . Lollipop is naturally a food that girls like . Lollipop contains a lot of saccharin . If you eat it for a long time , excess sugar will be converted into fat on your own , causing obesity ! If you happen to be adding fat , your weight loss is in vain . This is a high-calorie food that is very taboo in the weight loss process .

2 . Chocolate cookies

Every afternoon tea time , do you feels hungry , come to a chocolate chip cookie . Although the weight-loss books say that celery and carrot sticks should be used instead of snacks , these vegetables and fruits are healthy but have no taste , so take a few favorite chocolate biscuits to hunger . But do you know what is in the chocolate chip cookie ? The answer is : a lot of sugar and a lot of fat . If you use chocolate biscuits to satisfy your cravings every afternoon , it only takes half a year to get 7 kg fats . If this continues for a year , 14 kg of meat will move with you . Behind the delicious food is a high-calorie trap waiting for you , and high-oil and high-sugar foods will make people age quickly .

Suggestion : Many people will use chocolate to lose weight . It is recommended to referring to the authenticity of chocolate for weight loss . To get the antioxidant effect of chocolate , it is better to drink more low-calorie green tea than to obtain polyphenols from chocolate .

3 . Chestnut

Fried chestnut ! Sugar fried chestnuts ! Chestnuts are all over the streets now , and many girls are particularly fond of eating , but the ingredients of chestnuts contain a lot of starch , and its calories are very high . The calories per 100 grams of chestnuts are about 214 kcals . Too much energy is not conducive to maintaining weight !

4 . Sausage

The grilled sausages are very similar . I believe that people that pass by can’t control a piece of sausage . Is it very satisfying to eat a scented sausage ? But the heat is also high ! Nearly 70% of the calories in sausage come from fat , even if it is not fried but boiled , it can easily lead to obesity !

5 . Canned fruit juice

Obviously knows that vegetables and fruits contain many rich vitamins and minerals , but they are too lazy to eat fruits . Since you haven’t eaten fruit , use fruit juice instead . However , using fruit juice to replace fruit does not take in enough minerals and vitamins . This is because many fruits and vitamins have been lost in the process of making fruit juice . The remaining vitamin C will also be reduced due to light . If you look carefully at the label on the canned juice , you can see that most of the juice is concentrated and reduced , and a lot of sugar is also added . So , if you think drinking juice is more nutritious and come to a jar every day , the high sugar content of the juice will increase your weight by much kg after one year .

Suggestion : For the sake of figure and health , eating more fresher vegetables and fruits is definitely the best rule for maintaining a slim figure .

If you want to lose weight , these five foods must not be eaten . You must control your mouth to lose weight to succeed .

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