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What are the misunderstandings of acupuncture to lose weight ?

Can acupuncture help lose weight ? What are the misunderstandings in the process of acupuncture to lose weight ? We must understand these misunderstandings in the process of acupuncture !

Principle of acupuncture to lose weight

Acupuncture is a gem in China’s medicine . Acupuncture can regulate body obesity well , mainly for the acupuncture points of the human body , so as to regulate the metabolic cycle and endocrine function of the body , using acupuncture to let the body achieve Fat and manage the effect of the intestine , so that the body can achieve the effect of slimming !

Misunderstanding of acupuncture weight loss

The more needles , the better

Is it better to pierce needles in acupuncture to lose weight ? Actually it is not the case . It is not a good thing to pierce more needles . Anything needs to be done in moderation . It is good to pierce the needle to the main acupuncture point . Pain the body !

Can be effective immediately

In all Chinese medicine , no one can be effective immediately , and it takes a period of time to reflect it . Many people think that acupuncture weight loss can be effective immediately . This is wrong . Acupuncture weight loss can be slow or fast . These It depends on the individual’s physique , even if the physique is good , it will not be effective immediately !

Acupuncture is easily infected

Will acupuncture be easily infected ? Many people think that the pores of the body will open after acupuncture , which is easy to cause infection of the body . In fact , the needles used for acupuncture are very small , and the pinholes are extremely small , which will not cause the body . Discomfort or infection , but it is best not to touch the water after acupuncture .

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Precautions for weight loss with acupuncture

1 . The technique and acupuncture pointed accuracy required by acupuncture is very high , so when choosing acupuncture to lose weight , you must choose a regular hospital .

2 . Acupuncture must pay attention to the diet after the meeting . During this period , the amount of diet should be controlled , and it must be halved . Eat more fruits and vegetables .

3 . Acupuncture only gets through the acupuncture points , but we still need to exercise to promote metabolic circulation and speed up the blood circulation of the body . For example , cycling , running and other sports are possible !

4 . After acupuncture , there will be some dizziness and nausea , these are normal reactions , don’t worry too much !

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