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What are the dangers of losing weight?

The principle of slimming and slimming is the stimulation of medicine points, regulating qi and activating blood circulation, and the “three stasis”: the stasis-relieving and abdomen-sticking system is based on the theory of TCM’s dialectical treatment, opening and closing, and guiding yin and yang, through the absorption of Shenque, the king of human body , Medicine + acupuncture, comprehensive adjustment of meridians and organs, qi and blood, diuresis and dampness, enhancement of spleen and stomach luck function, balance of yin and yang, adjustment of endocrine, promote negative balance of supply and demand in the body, completely eliminate the body fat Factor-“Three Stasis”.

Regulate gastrointestinal tract and pancreas function: gastrointestinal dysfunction will cause water to be unable to be metabolized in the body, which will cause excess water to accumulate in the body, and the decomposition of fat will not work properly. In addition, poor pancreas function will lead to the deficiency of hormones (pancreatin) that converts sugar into calories, so not only the metabolism of sugar, but also the metabolism of fat, protein, water and minerals will also be abnormal. The body overeats to replenish energy, resulting in fat accumulation and obesity. Sticking to remove blood stasis and abdomen adjusts the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and other organs, improves the internal environment of the human body, and then fully blocks the accumulation of excess fat in the body;

Conditioning endocrine: Endocrine disorders, abnormal hormone secretion such as: abnormal secretion of insulin, adrenaline, and female hormones can all lead to obesity. For example, when there is too much estrogen secretion in the body, fat synthesis is accelerated; when there is too little estrogen secretion, the satiety nerve is suppressed and weakened, the appetite is greatly increased, and more food is taken, so that more fat accumulates in the body. The stasis-relieving and abdomen paste regulates the endocrine, eliminates the “three stasis” in the body, cuts off the “fat root” existing in the body, completely solves the problem of obesity, and does not rebound in health and safety.

Will slimming affect pregnancy

If you plan to get pregnant, it is best not to use slimming stickers, because there will still be some side effects.

Slimming patch is long and unsafe. In particular, the first tester must first know whether he is allergic or not before applying. If it is, he should apply it cautiously. It is best to try it on the inner side of the arm first. Generally speaking, the physique varies from person to person, and for the same drug, allergic reactions will occur to varying degrees.

The longer you engage in a sport, the more the body will adapt to it, the less stimulating the body will receive, and the less calories it will consume. At this time, if you want to speed up the metabolism, you should consider using the cross exercise method. After the exercise mode is changed, because you are not used to using this new method to exercise the muscles of various parts of the body, you must increase the exercise intensity, so that it is easier to increase the metabolic rate after exercise. Because the muscles must adapt to the current exercise at this time, they also need to strengthen their own physiological functions in order to transport oxygen to the various tissues of the body.

Lack of sleep will affect the body’s metabolic function. Those who sleep less than 4 hours a night will experience greater difficulty in breaking down carbohydrates. When you feel tired, the body lacks energy to maintain day-to-day functional activities (including burning calories), so your body’s metabolic capacity will naturally decrease. It is recommended that everyone sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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