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Weight loss yoga buttocks, thin arms, thin legs

For weight loss friends , the hips , arms and legs are too important . It can be said that it is the first part of weight loss . Which beauty does not want to have a small buttocks , which OL does not want to have a pair of slender arms , which MM does not want to have a pair of straight legs . Below I will recommend a few targeted yoga weight loss comprehensions for you , let you lose as much as you want .

Thin butts yoga willow style

Stand with your feet together , arms with your sides . Place the sole of your left foot of the inside of your right thigh and bend your knee to the right . Close your palms to your chest and take 2 deep breaths . When inhaling for the third time , stretch your arms upward with your fingertips facing up . Exhale and inhale again , the body bends to the left . Inhale and straighten . The action is repeated 3-5 times , and it is done in turn .

Preliminary version : the left foot sole is placed on the right foot calf , or the left toe touches the ground to maintain balance .

Improved version : Close your eyes while maintaining balance , and then bend your body .

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Triangle yoga thin hands and legs

Triangle (TRIKONASANA ) can have a good effect of thin arms and legs , at the same time can reduce the muscle stiffness of the lower back , correct the bending and deformation of the legs , but also relieve back and neck pain , strengthen the chest and lungs

Step 1 : Stand in a mountain style , with your feet two to two and a half feet apart .

Step 2 : slowly stretch out your hands , level with your shoulders , palms toward the ground , hands parallel to the ground .

Step 3 : Exhale slowly , bend your body of the right , try to press the palm of your right hand to the ground on the side of your right ankle , keep your legs straight and not bendable ; you can also press the palm of your right hand on the right instep .

Step 4 : The body starts to bend down to the hips , the right hand can be pressed on the right instep , keeping the shoulders , chest and arms in a straight line , the eyes are looking up along the left hand , maintain this position for at least 8-10 seconds .

Step 5 : Put your left hand down to relax and rest , your legs still straight to prepare for the next posture .

Step 6 : Keep your left hand straight on your head , parallel to the ground , and look forward . Initially hold this position of a few seconds and breathe naturally , gradually increasing to one minute . Focus on the spine when you practice this formula .

Step 7 : Relax with your hands and upper body bent forward , and keep your legs straight .

Step 8 : Slowly lift your hands from the ground , your body will straighten up , and your legs will close .

Step 9 : Restore the original mountain style .

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Cat bow back stovepipe yoga

Step 1 : Kneel down , sit on the heel with your rear hips , keep your upper body straight , put your hands on your legs naturally , and relax your shoulders and arms .

Step 2 : Raise your hips , kneel on your knees , hands as wide as your shoulders , and support the ground .

Step 3 : Inhale , raise your head , collapse your waist , collapse your back , butt your hips up . Hold for 5 to 10 seconds .

Step 4 : Exhale , bow your head , the spine is arched , arched back , hold for 5-10 seconds .

Note : Repeat 5 to 10 times to relax .

For yoga , this is just a little bit of fur . If you have regular exercises yoga , it is a very good way to lose weight for yoga . More related topics can be accessed .

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