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Weight loss recipes , banana weight loss in the morning

What to eat to lose weight ? This is the most headache problem of everyone in the diet to lose weight . Speaking of what fruits to lose weight , many people recommend eating bananas to lose weight , so have you tried the banana weight loss method in the morning ?

▊What is ” Morning Banana Weight Loss Method ” ?

Wake up in the morning and eat some fresh bananas for breakfast . If you feel that you will be hungry just eating bananas , you can eat other foods after 15-30 minutes of eating bananas .

Of course , don’t used too much , but there is no strict control . Drink water after eating bananas . It is best to use water at room temperature to improve the body ‘s heating function .

▊Banana weighted loss method

1 . Choose fresh bananas

Banana is rich in enzymes , . So it is also recognized as a good detoxification ingredient , and enzymes are also one of the essential components of metabolism in the body , which can help us improve our physical fitness . When there are insufficient enzymes in the body , not only the toxin , but another enemy of weight loss-fatigue factor will continue to accumulate , making our weight loss impossible . Fresh bananas contain a lot of enzymes , which may weaken the enzyme’s ability when heated , so it’s best to eat them fresh !

2 .  3 pm as snacks

In addition to eating bananas for breakfast , you can also eat at other times , but try to avoid as a fruit after dinner , because it is likely to prolong the digestion time of dinner , which will bring a burden on the stomach .

3 . Fall asleep before the next day

Usually we are hungry and hard to fall asleep , so many people have the bad habit of eating supper , and supper is the big resistance to weight loss . But if you try the banana weight loss method and use the fatigue recovery effect of bananas , even if you fall asleep on an empty stomach , you can overcome it , and you can also improve your sleeping habits and gradually improve your physique . The effect of banana weight loss can become more and more obvious !

4 . Eat bananas to make your diet more regular

3 meals a day should be well checked , get up in the morning and eat breakfast after breakfast , eat lunch at about 12 noons , dinner should not exceed 8 : 00 , eating time becomes regular , eating will not get fat . At the same time , bananas can also make the vitamins you take from the diet work , and effectively improve your physique .

▊Why lost weight by eating bananas in the morning ?

Eat some bananas in the morning , and then take in water . Such a simple method can minimize the burden on the stomach and intestines , which can gradually to restore the weak digestive function of the morning . Even if the amount of breakfast is not reduced , bananas can also be used in every day’s diet , helping vitamins exert their intestinal motility , improving sleep quality , and allowing you to improve your body fat easily .

▊ What is the effects of eating bananas ?

Efficacy 1 Improve constipation

Almost 90% of adult women are in a state of insufficient dietary fiber , and bananas are quite rich in cellulose , especially those with constipation and detoxification problems . Bananas can be used to promote the intestinal motility and will accumulate The long-term discharge of toxins and waste are expected to lose a few pounds of a short time !

Efficacy 2 eliminated edema

Among fruits , bananas are the most abundant in potassium . We all contain various minerals . Among them , sodium will increase blood pressure , and ingesting potassium will promote the excretion of sodium when urinating and eliminate edema .

Effect 3 Relieve stress , anti-aging

Banana also contains serotonin , which can relieve stress , stabilize mood , improve sleep quality , and keep you away from stress and obesity . At the same time , plant chemical ingredients can resist aging and make you slim and beautiful .

▊ Banana weighted loss practice in the morning

○ Day 1

Meiliu MM started eating bananas on the first day of weight loss . In the morning , he ate a banana and drank enough water . The satiety was very satisfying , and he continued to maintain moisture before lunch . Lunch and dinner were carried out as usual .

○ Day 2 : – 0.3kg

also eats bananas for breakfast in the morning , but at 11 o’clock on the stomach began to ” cuckoo ” , this is Meiliu MM eat another banana , drink a little water , full again , the amount of meals decreased at noon .

○ Day 3 : + 0.7kg

The combination of banana and water is a little tired . Meiliu MM did n’t hold it . He went out to dinner with colleagues at night , ate a little more , drank alcohol , and gained weight all of a sudden !

○ Day 4 : – 0.3kg

I ate a high-calorie food the night before . I got a little hungry this morning , . So I ate two bananas and drank some water . I felt that the detoxification was better , the metabolism was restored , and it was much lighter .

○ Day 5 : – 0.1kg

also ate two bananas before noon , with 500 ml of water , and went out to dinner at night , so the weight loss was not obvious , but it felt OK , and the skin was smoother .

○ Day 6 : + 0.5kg

It seems that Meiliu MM still can’t help but satiate . On the sixth day , I couldn’t hold it and ate a barbecue . While drinking , I felt very comfortable , but in the end I lost it to gain weight and gained weight again !

○ Day 7 : – 0.7kg

has finally reached the last day of the week’s weight loss plan , continue to use bananas as breakfast , with enough water , then lunch and dinner as usual , although the weight loss effect is not obvious , but it can improve the constipation problem of Meiliu MM , but also Remove the stress of the weekdays , and become beautiful .

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