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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Weight loss planned have you started this spring ?

Weight loss planned have you started this spring ?

If you want to lose weight , you must make a weight loss meal that suits you and put it into action

The golden rule for making diet meals is to eat less starch , eat more protein foods and vegetables and fruits .

The basic principle of is to eat nutritious breakfast , eat full of noon , and eat less at dinner .

In fact , the smart way to lose weight is that you can eat anything , but don’t eat more , so that you can lose weight healthy and effective without rebound . Below we will teach you how to tailor your slimming menu .

Slimming Menu: How much should you eat in your recipes per day:

3-6 bowls of grain rhizomes

4-5 servings of egg beans and fish

3 bowls of vegetables (about 100 grams per bowl)

2 fruits (one medium-sized orange; one guava)

2 cups of milk

2-3 tablespoons of fats and oils (one tablespoon 15 grams)

How many calories do I eat—Simple food replacement

1 serving of staple food (70 calories)

= 1/4 bowl of rice, noodles, noodles, rice noodles, winter noodles, oatmeal, bean sticks, rice cakes, corn, wheat flour, barley kernels

= 1/4 buns, 1/4 pack of instant noodles

= 1/4 bowl of sweet potato, taro, potato, yam

= 1/4 bowl of red beans, mung beans, fava beans, peas

= 1/2 bowl of porridge (thick)

= 1/2 burger, hot dog bun, biscuits, fritters

= 1 small meal bag = 1 piece of toast = 3 pieces of soda crackers

= 10 unfilled glutinous rice balls (high in fat, not suitable for common use)

If there are special diet programs, you can also add extra snacks to neutralize after meals:

Eat a banana after grilling

Drink a glass of celery juice

Drink some yogurt after eating hot pot

Drink barley tea or orange peel water after a meal

Eat instant noodles and eat fruit

After eating crab, drink ginger brown sugar water

Moisturize your lungs and cough, eat a persimmon after a meal

Simple stretches and twists** are good helpers for weight loss . In a word , you have to move to lose weight . Spring is the best season for health investment . Regular exercised can enhance the body’s immunity and significantly reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases and other diseases during the year . Here are six best spring sports for everyone .

Quick walked

In the spring days , the fast walking fitness method is a good choice . Wandering in the suburbs with fresh air not only breathes the fresh air , but also achieves the effect of sports fat consumption . Experts suggest that the minimum amount of exercising a person should consume is 3,000 calories per day , which is exactly the same as the calories consumed by walking 10,000 steps .

Tips : Prepare cold-proof clothes and comfortable shoes , do a moderate stretch and flexion exercise , and after 5 minutes of walking , you can speed up the pace . People who walk faster can walk about 120-130 steps per minute . The amount of 10,000 steps per day takes 1.5 hours and can be doing in batches , and you should walk at least 30 minutes each time .


riding this bicycle that stepped on by physical strength , traversing the wonderful scenery like a picture scroll around , can not help but feel very happy , suddenly felt that this is not only a fitness exercise , but also a joy of exile . Cycling not only to accelerate blood circulation of leg movements , but also strengthens microvascular tissue .

Tip : The free riding method is not limited to time and intensity , mainly to relieve physical and mental fatigue caused by life stress ; the aerobic riding method is mainly to ride at a medium speed , generally 45-60 minutes , right Both weight loss and improving cardiopulmonary function are beneficial .


Mountaineering is an excellent aerobic exercise . The air in the mountain is very fresh . It is very beneficial to improve lung ventilation , increase lung capacity , improve lung function , and at the same time enhance the contractility of the heart . The bumpy roads to the mountains are beneficial to improving the balance function of the human body and enhancing the coordination ability of the limbs .

Tip : Mountaineering is generally selected in the early morning , but the intensity should not be too large , and the heart rate should be maintained at 120-140 beats/min .

Kite flying

Flying kites in the spring , you can breathe fresh air , clear your mind , and promote metabolism . When flying a kite , it can move the joints around the body , can stretch the muscles and bones , promote blood circulation ; metabolism , improve blood circulation .

Tips : Pay attention to protecting the neck when flying a kite . The head and neck should not be leaned back on / against a long time , but the back should be alternated with head-up . It is best to fly kites with 2 to 3 people , and choose a flat , open field .

” Awareness of action , healthy weight loss recipes , moderate exercise ” , to achieve three-pronged approach , persevere , I believe that a slim and healthy body and self-confidence will no longer be a dream !

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