Lose weight / Partial weight loss / Weight loss exercise at home to shape your slender legs!

Weight loss exercise at home to shape your slender legs!

What is the secret to preventing weight gain among women ? Some people would say that the most effective way to lose weight for otaku girls is to diet . Although dieting is fast to lose weight , it rebounds faster and is harmful to your health . Why don’t you do some home exercises ? If you can persist , the effect of weight loss is equally good . Today , I will introduce a few home exercise methods to help you quickly shape slender legs !

Home stovepipe exercises 1 : Lift your heel on stairs

Raise your heels when you go up the stairs and bear your weight on your legs . This can eliminate fat on the inner thighs and buttocks .

Home stovepipe exercises 2 : Sit on a chair to exert pressure

When sitting on a chair , put the two lower legs together firmly , and then exchange the legs after counting from one to 8 . Repeat this action and do not stop breathing . This can exercise the calf line .

Home stovepipe exercises 3 : Watching TV , lifting legs and thin thighs

Sit on a chair while watching TV , don’t bend your knees , raise one leg , then put it down , repeat this action 8-10 times and then switch to the other leg to remove the fat on both sides with the thigh .

Home stovepipe exercises 4 : stovepipe exercise

Do 20 to 25 repetitions for each movement , every other day . After a few weeks , do these 6 actions again , which means that after these 6 actions are done , rest for 60 to 90 seconds , and then do them again . If you have time , you can do it four or five times a week .

Stand with your legs in tandem and raise your back heels . Then bend your legs , but keep your upper body and heels vertical .

Stand with your feet apart , then bend your knees , and then bend your body forwards . The hips are cocked , but the back must be kept straight .

Stand with both palms against the wall and close your feet . One of the legs is raised upwards , trying to make the heel touches the buttocks .

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