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Weight-loss acupressure to accelerate fat burning in arms

I don’t know what kind of fat arm you are, and any dieting exercise may be in vain. When you raise your arm forward, 90 degrees to your body, flick the muscles under your arm with the fingers of the other hand, does it show wavy shaking? It seems that you should consider partial weight loss. This result shows that you are a fat excess. Rome was not built in a day. The small flesh on your arm is probably the result of accumulation, but don’t be discouraged. We have a way to make it thinner and firmer quickly.

Dieting is not a good way to deal with arms with excess fat

When you raise your arm to make a flick motion, you are surprised that the small flesh under the arm is also thrilled with excitement. It seems that half of the entire arm is flowing, embarrassing and distressed. In fact, the muscle area of the inner part of the arm is not small, but due to lack of exercise on weekdays, even if you diet all day, there may be two fluffy flesh formed there.

Fat Retreat Devil Training

Before performing the devil’s action, try to pay attention to the use of the arm as a force point, rather than borrowing the strength of other parts of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating the fat of the arm. When you first do it, it will be very difficult, because almost two arms are needed to support the weight of the whole body. But as long as you persist, you won’t be surprised for half a month. The wavy line is hard to trace.

Slim Slim Arm allows you to show charming temperament

Preparation: sit on a chair with a backrest, place your hands on both sides of the body and hold it beside the chair.

Action 1:

Straighten your elbows with both hands and slowly leave the hips away from the chair.

Action 2:

Bend your elbows but make sure that your hips do not touch the chair, and return to the position of 1 for about 3 seconds. Repeat about 5-10 times.

Acupressure on thin points

stimulates acupuncture points on special parts, can accelerate fat consumption and metabolic speed, in order to achieve the purpose of thin arms. Massage each acupoint 5-10 times with two hands alternately, with slimming cream or essential oil for better effect.

Key points of the arm: arm curl and humerus

One-handed hips, slightly inside the front end of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm is the arm curl, and the middle of the arm is inside the bone at the midpoint between the armpit and the elbow. Use your right index finger and middle finger to press the left arm, and the right thumb strongly presses the left arm. Change one hand and repeat about 5 times. Can effectively remove the old waste in the arm.

Correct small movements help thin arms

Action 1:

Stand with your feet wide and shoulder-width apart, tighten your abdomen, and straighten your hands outward.

Action 2:

Finally spread your fingers, start turning the whole arm from below, raise it to shoulder height, then slowly turn it down. Repeat the exercise about 5 times.

Action 3:

Fist in both hands to wrap your thumb, bend your elbows and raise them up, upper arm to shoulder height. Keeping the elbows perpendicular to the body, moving the shoulders as the center point to the left and right, turning the elbows outward 8 times and then inwards 8 times.

These small movements can activate the acupuncture points of the arm, and can also promote the movement of the inner and outer muscles of the arm, and have a good effect on the elimination of fatty meat arms.

Fatty fat arms are the most tenacious and difficult to cope with, and it takes hard work to fight the war to make the flesh retreat. The muscles under the arm have rarely had the opportunity to exercise, and all of them broke out if you were not careful. Don’t be lazy anymore. Hurry up and take a medicine, a fat retreat devil training method, and say goodbye to the loose flesh. !

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