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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Watch out! 4 big weight loss mistakes of urban food eaters

Watch out! 4 big weight loss mistakes of urban food eaters

Whether buying or renting a house , is the kitchen optional for you ? There are at least 6 days or more per week , are you solving breakfast , lunch and dinner in various restaurants ? Are you called a local food map by friends or relatives from other places ? That’s right , this is you , the standard urban ” outer food ” !

Scene 1 : Colleagues gathering

Finally , Zhizhicheng completed a large project , and all colleagues decided to go to the restaurant FB to take the hard work for many days .

The popular Chinese restaurant in the city is always full of people . Sit in a row and sit well . As a lady , you always reserved the opportunity for ordering food to other colleagues . At this moment , all the colleagues that are fighting side by side have become comrades in a ” fighting meal ” . Under the temptation , you have to pray for a strong will to lose weight like steel , never to eat and drink to add two or two fat .

Has prepared sweet drinks for all ladies before the meal . It seems that it has become an indispensable part of today’s dinner . Coke , Sprite and fruit juice are rich in variety . Hesitating again and again , of course , can not choose carbonated drinks , you chose orange juice . When the celebration drinks are served , you choose a wine that is not strong .

Toasted to celebrate , cold meats such as soy sauce , dried fish and so on first , delicious and not greasy , you will naturally go down without any politeness . Immediately afterwards , the various main dishes were served one by one , sour and sweet , and the hue was tempting . Even if the will be strong , you can quit the temptation , and you can’t quit the temptation of fragrance . You have to taste the various dishes under the enthusiastic greeting of everyone . stop

Preparing the intertwined din room , carefully you don’t dare to eat too many mains courses , . So you have to drink more saltier soup . After three trips of wine and five flavors of dishes , it is a matter of course . Everyone remembers to order some staple food . You don’t forget to reduce the weight of the task . You have naturally quit rice for a long time , but you have a special liking for the various tastes of the restaurant : crisp Xiangxiaodian , Indian tossed cakes , and fried fresh milk are both fashionable and delicious .

Is full of food and drink , everyone is happy , take a taxi to go home as soon as possible , maybe you are still fortunate that you finally kept the evening today , and did not dare to break the ring and eat ?

Catching the ” mistakes ” current

Can not ignore alcohol

A . Sweet drinks before meals should definitely not choose high-calorie carbonated drinks , and don’t think that choosing fruit juice is the right answer . In fact , many juices is actually juice-containing beverages . The actual juice may not exceed 10% , but sugar and flavoring are the main ingredients . The amount of calories per 100 ml of such juice is not low .

B . Remind weight losses that alcohol is a high-calorie ” supplier ” , and a small glass of wine is enough to provide one-third of a day’s calory . Each gram of alcohol contains 7 kilocalories , . So you must not ignore the negative effects of alcohol on your weight loss .

C . Cold dishes have less fat and are lighter , but cold dishes such as sauce beef will lose the nutritional balance of cold dishes , causing the body to absorb too much protein and naturally bring more calories to the body .

D . The main dishes of Chinese food is generally high in oil , high in calories , and rich in flavor , so even if you are extremely careful , each dish will taste too much , and it will absorb too many calories unconsciously .

E . Never eat salty soup with oil and salt between meals and after meals . Imagine that a large number of dishes have provided a lot of salt and fat , which makes the body overwhelmed ; if you drink soup again , it will inevitably add more salt and calories , which is not beneficial to health and is more harmful to weight loss .

F . After the meal , the small crispy points , although the amount is not much , but the fat content are much higher than the rice noodles , especially the crispy points and tossed cakes , the fat is up to more than 30% , and even a higher proportion Saturated fat .

G , get enough food and get on the taxi immediately , then you are consolidating your own fat accumulation .

Scene 2 : Candlelight Dinner

Date with a long-awaited person , you naturally choose to go to the Western restaurant to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner , but the benefits is endless : elegant environment , melodious piano , beautiful roses , most suitable for flirting ; dim lighting , No facial blemishes can be seen , and both are handsome men and beauties ; more importantly , Western food has low calories and low oil content , and it should not destroy your hard work of losing weight .

Elegant clothes , elegant manners , elegantly look through the menu , naturally you have to know how to choose a meal that does not have the opportunity to bring too many calories , but after all it is an imported product , and many dish names makes you a little confused , of course At the same time , it also tests your bearings capacity of his purse .

First appetizer , foie gras , cream chicken crisp box seems to be a high-grade choice , the next variety of cream soup is fragrant , and then a fruit salad salad , served as / for sweet French juice , is the most You can rest assured and enjoy yourself . As for the main course , you don’t dare to choose beef steak with too much calories . It seems that fried fish or chicken steak is a good choice . Use the rich sauce to pour it while it is hot . The problem is left behind .

The dessert after the meal makes you hesitate over and over again , telling yourself that maybe a small portion of ice cream or pudding is not an evil . In the end , when tasting the fragrant coffee , you and him talks / talked so quietly , talk about love , and spend a quiet night so quietly ?

Catching the “mistakes” current

Foie gras is definitely high in calories

A . In western-style meals , foie gras is definitely a high-calorie , high-fat appetizer . For every 100 gram of foie gras , there are 462 kilocalories and 43.84 grams of fat . Although delicious , it will want you Pay a painful weight gain .

B. Many dishes of western food will add cream, a spoonful of light cream contains 45 calories, a rich milky dish requires 10 spoons of cream, then there are 450 calories. In this way, the choice of creamy soup is very inappropriate.

C. 1 spoonful of salad dressing contains 60 calories, so a plate of mixed fruit salad may bring you at least 300 calories.

D. Although it is correct to choose seafood or chicken as your main dish instead of high-calorie steak, it is important to note that most western dishes are served with a lot of cream or high-fat sauces, so the taste is relatively light. , But the heat is not less.

E. Although the amount of small desserts is small, the high calorie of ice cream is an indisputable fact. A ball of vanilla ice cream contains 97 calories; and the reason why the coffee is fragrant is because it is served with sugar and creamer . This “three-in-one” combination will give you 300 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Super error correction eight tricks to avoid losing weight by eating outside

Pay attention to the sweet drinks before meals

1 . Go to a restaurant to order food . You don’t have to be conscientious about making reservations . Instead , you should cherish your ordering opportunities ! Then you can order some light and low-fat dishes that suit you . It is best to think about the order in advance . You can even write it on a small note to restrain yourself at all times . If you just leave the decision on others , and you order fragrant and oily dishes , you really have to test your will : resist the temptation of food , but it turns out to be difficult !

2 . For sweet drinks before meals , choose real fruit juice , vegetable juice or soy milk with low sugar content and low calories . And some restaurants make corn juice , pumpkin juice , cereal juice , etc . be good choices .

3 . It is best to advertise to all fox friends in advance that you are losing weight to avoid others being too enthusiastic and forcing you to eat and drink . Of course , this method is also to impose a curse on yourself . Since it is already known that you are losing weight , I believe you are embarrassed to let go of your belly and eat and drink too much .

4 . A better choice of cold dishes is raw mixed vegetables , dipping vegetables , plus starchy foods (such as soba noodles , fern root powder , etc . ) , root foods (such as lotus root , yam , etc . ) and fruit salad , etc . It is mainly vegetarian , with one or two less fat fish and soy products . Appetizing with these refreshing foods can ensure the intake of dietary fiber , potassium and magnesium in one meal , and also avoid the protein from being wasted as energy .

5 . Main dishes should be as refreshing as possible , such as steamed , boiled , and stewed dishes . You can also choose high-end vegetarian foods that are less commonly consumed , such as fungi , high-end emerging vegetables , health nuts , and algae . , Potatoes and other vegetables with health value . These vegetarian diets can not only promote health , but also reduce the burden on the digestive system , which is more conducive to self-cultivation .

6 . Facing the greasy dishes such as sweet and sour , honey juice , thicken and so on in the main dish , it is recommended that you can prepare a bowl of boiling water or soup next to it . Before eating , put the food in and rinse it out to drain off the excess oil and water .

7 . As the saying goes : ” Drink soup before a meal , slim and healthy ; drink soup after a meal , the fatter you get .” . Studies have shown that drinking soup before a meal can make people absorb 100 to 190 kilocalories less . Light , low-fat soup can increase satiety , reduce appetite , and help you resist the temptation of food . Drink soup slowly . Drinking soup slowly will allow sufficient time for digestion and absorption of food . When you feel full , it is when you have eaten just right .

8 . To eat at a Western restaurant , you must know whether it is high-fat food from the menu . For example , ” fire board ” represents cooking with cream and cheese , ” white sauce ” represents cream sauce , and ” pie ” is mostly meringue . By comparison , baked and smoked foods have much lower calories . If you are really confused , you may wish to ask directly about the cooking method of lettuce to help you make the right decision .

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