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Want to lose weight in the spring and practice Pilates

Learn Zama before practicing martial arts , Pilates also has its basic skills . But rest assured , you don’t have to spend three months to learn basics , just read them carefully and move them into Pilates movements , you can get the maximum effect of the practice .

Lateral breathing method

Doing Pilates using the lateral breathing method can promote the correct movement pattern while allowing your lungs to absorb the maximum amount of oxyGen When inhaling , the lower part of the thoracic cavity expands laterally , and sinks when exhaling . Breathing like this can help you keep the abdomen contracted and inward while exercising .

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Sat or stand upright . Place your hands next to the rib cage . Inhale , the thoracic bone expands laterally , but the stomach does not rise . Feel the movement towards the sternum . Shen shoulder .

When inhaling , try to sink the chest cavity into the body . Feel the sternum on both sides move closer to the center .

Cohesion power area

The axis or strength area refers to a series of muscles that constitute and stabilize the center of the body . These muscles include abdominal muscles (especially transverse abdominal muscles ) , lower back muscles and pelvic floor muscles . A strong axis can not only reduce the chance of back injury , but also improve posture and adjust the balance of the body . Ordinary people often ignore these muscles . Pilates is to teach you to find and use them .

To achieve good axis stability , you need to contract the pelvic floor muscle while pulling into the lower abdomen , and the deep abdominal transverse muscle has been activated . The pelvic floor muscles are located at the bottom of the pelvic cavity , and the transverse abdominal muscles are an inner waistband that surrounds the lower abdomen and lower extremities . To activate the pelvic floor muscles , the pelvic floor should be tightened inward and upward , and it feels a bit like urination . When you slowly tighten the pelvic floor muscles , the multifid us (this is hard to feel ) and the transverse abdomen contract simultaneously . Continue to tighten the lower abdomen , this contraction must progress upward and inward toward the spine . Don’t use all your strength to contract , reaching 30%-40% of the full tightening is the standard force to condense the axis .


Many people will accumulate pressure on the neck and shoulders . Coupled with bad postures , such as sitting in front of the computer for a long time , arching your back , and projecting , you will form a rounded and tight upper back over time . The scapula tip moves outward away from the thoracic cavity . Pilates emphasize using the mid-back muscles to sink the shoulders to help straighten the upper back .

Everyone can use this little exercise to practice the shoulders . At the beginning , he shrugged his shoulders and put down several times . Note that when you shrug your shoulders , the scapula tip moves outward . When the shoulder is lowered , the scapula tip closes down and inward . We use this action to fix the shoulder position . Sink the tip of the shoulder blade down to the midline of the lower back , and you will feel the natural extension of the neck at the same time , relieving the pressure and tightness of the neck and shoulder .

Pivots boxed

Fantasy four straight lines , connecting two shoulders and two pelvic bones , this ” boxed ” are a hint of body alignment and symmetry . When doing every Pilates exercise , ask yourself : ” Is my box square ? ” . Many people will habitually to rely on one side of the body . You can even notice that you are leaning or turning sideways . When doing various daily activities , there will often be a feeling that the body is easy to manipulate while calling on the other side . Pilates make you more aware of these imbalances , and then corrects them .

Chin reached into the chest

Most cushioned Pilates movements are to raise head , hands and feet in supine position . Correct head position is very important to increase the use of abdominal muscles and reduce neck pressure . The head should be lifted forward to the collarbone , and the chin should be pushed into the sternum . There should be about a fist between the chin and the chest , and the line of sight is fixed at the axis . Lifting your head like this also help you to check the alignment of your torso and feet with your eyes while exercising . A common mistake for beginners is to put the chin too close to the sternum , or put your head back , . So you feel neck pain .

Extend the spine and limbs

Pilates and dance teachers often called students to ” stretch the spine ” and ” grow a little bit taller ” . Can adults ” grow tall ” like this ? It turns out ! Research indicates that with simple verbal instructions , participants can really extend the spine and reduce compression between the spine . There are two key positions to help you ” grow tall ” . First , increase the distance between the pelvis and thoracic bone . In addition , pull the head away from the direction of the tail keel . When you learn to ” grow tall ” , You must learn to maintain this height . Pilates is to wake up the muscles that maintain a sitting and standing posture .

As for extending limbs , it will help strengthen the muscles of the limbs . Pay attention to the alignment of the limbs , and do not lock the elbow and knee joints .

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