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Wang Luodan shares the “ribs essence” weight loss method

Wang Luodan , an undergraduate in the 2001-level performance department of the Beijing Film Academy , became famous for the TV series ” Struggle ” ! Maybe no one will be familiar with this frank , straightforward , and a little girl ! Wang Luodan also has a hand in body maintenance in addition to superb acting . ” Du Lala’s Promotion ” is hot , Wang Luodan made another hit . , Let’s take a look at her secrets to maintain her body !

Slimming Recipe : Lazy Weight Loss

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

Get up from 7 to 8 o’clock , remember to eat breakfast , not eating breakfast is bad at weight loss .

Drink water : drink 1 cup of light saline on an empty stomach to give the gut a big wash to effectively reduce the abdomen , many stars is using it !

Breakfast : whole wheat breads / breaded + milk , give you a whole day of vitality . Breakfast is the most indispensable among the three meals . Some mm use diet to lose weight , but don’t miss breakfast ! Don’t overeat !

Afternoon : 15 o’clock to 16 o’clock is tea time

Afternoon tea : 1 cereal food + 1 dairy product or 1 fruit , of course , there are drinks , preferably water . Refuse overeating !

Small snacks : fruits , milk , nuts , biscuits , etc . These are not afraid of being fat , and one more excuse for mixing your mouth !

Exercise : After eating a lot of food a day , how can you not exercise ? The period from afternoon to evening is the best exercise time . The body is more active and can improve the exercise effect and make weight loss more effective . Wang Luodan said that lazy people can move freely during this time , and they can also achieve good results ! You can do some sports you like very much .

Warm reminder :

Calcium supplement . Daily intake of 600 mgs of calcium (300 mg each for breakfast and lunch ) can accelerate fat consumption .

Small snacks : whole wheat biscuits , peanuts . The survey found that eating a handful of peanuts every day will reduce calorie intake by 333 calories !

Noon : lunch time is from 10 to 12

s Before a meal : Drink 1 cup of water to replenish the water needed by the body to speed up the metabolism , and the water does not contain calories , it can also produce satiety and help reduce dietary intake

Tip : Drinking cold water can burn more calories , because the stomach and intestines need to heat up the cold water before absorption .

Lunch : Reject high-calorie takeaway food , but staple food is indispensable , refuse to overeating !

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