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Vinegar detoxification, effective after a week of weight loss

Use vinegar to cleanse the bowels and lose weight

Modern scientific research show that old vinegar is rich in amino acids and certain enzymes , as well as various unsaturated fatty acids . Taking old vinegar can promote intestinal peristalsis , reduce blood lipids , neutralize certain toxins , and maintain the balance of ecological flora in the intestinal environment . Application of diet therapy to treat habitual constipation is not only effective , but also has no toxic and side effects . If you put six or seven drops of old vinegar in the soup every meal , it will make the soup delicious , and it can also cure the disease and maintain the beauty . And if you persist , the persistent constipation will gradually disappear . If you have a long history of constipation , you can take an old vinegar on an empty stomach every morning and drink a glass of cold water . After taking it for a week , you will receive a certain effect .

Clever use of vinegar to detoxify

Prevention and treatment of enteritis and dysentery . Because vinegar contains acetic acid , it has an astringent effect . It can not only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria , but even kill some bacteria in food . Vinegar can change the alkaline living environment of dysentery bacilli and kill it . The acidic environment can increase the sterilization function of garlic by 4 times , so the combination of vinegar and garlic is more ideal for the treatment of dysentery and enteritis .

Old vinegar peanuts are delicious and not fat

Peanut with vinegar , not only has a good taste , but also has the effects of enhancing appetite , promoting digestion , sterilization and so on . Although peanuts are called ” long-lived fruits ” , after all , they have high fat content and high calories , and the organic acids contained in the vinegar are just greasy and fragrant . Therefore , soak peanuts in vinegar for more than a week and eat them every night Take 7-10 capsules consistently . It can lower blood pressure , soften blood vessels and reduce cholesterol accumulation . However , it should be not that the consumption of old vinegar peanuts should be in an appropriate amount , at most a dozen , and must be rinsed in time after eating , otherwise it will be detrimental to dental health .

Note :

However , it should be emphasized that : scientifically and reasonably eating vinegar is good for health because of people , places and times .

Vinegar should not be consumed in large quantities , especially for patients with stomach ulcers and excessive gastric acid secretion , avoid vinegar . Excessive vinegar will increase the acidity of the stomach environment and cause damage to the gastric mucosa . It is not advisable to eat vinegar when eating lamb , otherwise it will weaken the therapeutic effect of both , and may produce substances harmful to the human body .

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