Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / Use relaxation gymnastics to lose weight minus upper body fat

Use relaxation gymnastics to lose weight minus upper body fat

The lines of the shoulders and waist are a problem that everyone feels depressed . Depressive psychology can cause muscle tension and decrease muscle contractility , which is not conducive to the body’s metabolism . Relaxing gymnastics can relieve muscle tension and make people feel comfortable .

muscles are relieved and exercise effect will increase . After understanding the exercise posture and breathing method , start exercising . Gently turning the shoulders and waist can make the waist line more beautiful .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Please understands before starting to exercise !

1 . This is not a very strenuous exercise , and everyone can easily follow it .

2 . Before going to bed or in the morning , it can not only eliminate fatigue , but also make people full of vitality .

Correct sitting , standing and lying positions is the basics of this gymnastics .

Features of relaxing gymnastics : After taking the correct posture , stabilize with a relaxed attitude to 5 seconds . For example , when taking a sitting posture for relaxation , take a basic posture and naturally breathe for 5 seconds with your eyes closed .

1 . Straighten your waist and sit on a chair of your soles fully on the ground . At this time , consciously prop up the pelvis and upper body of both legs , and the shoulders should be fully relaxed .

2 . Stretch your legs to shoulder width and straight waist . It should be not that the knee should not be too tight , and it is very important to relax the waist and relax the whole body .

3 . Lie down slowly and keep your body fully on the ground . Stretch your legs to the width of your shoulders , and relax your arms naturally on your sides , facing upwards . Note that the waist cannot be separated from the ground .

Basic breathing method of relaxing gymnastics

The correct breathing method can increase the effect of relaxing gymnastics . The basic method of breathing is that both exhalation and inhalation are done with the nose . Breathe as deeply as possible and exhale slowly .

1 . Close your eyes and inhale slowly with your nose . At this time , you will feel the chest bulge and the abdomen is pulled . Pay attention to stay happy .

2 . Exhale slowly with your nose . Exhalation causes the chest to fall and the abdomen to bulge . Keep your mood happy when you exhale .

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