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Unique Chinese weight loss tips

Slimming tea has always been a popular way to lose weight , but the slimming tea on the market is not formulated for the weight loss of the physique . If you buy it casually , it is easy to cause problems , such as too much diarrhea , digestion , absorption function will suffer Damage causes the body to eat more and more , and the weight loss effect is not good enough . Therefore , Southeast Asia has become more and more popular recently , according to their own physical conditions , to find a Chinese medicine expert to configure the Chinese herbal medicine slimming tea . Someone lost six or seven kilograms in a month !

1 . Weight loss principle

Under the theory of ” medicine and food homology ” in traditional medicine , the medicinal materials with good health and health care have long been commonly consumed , such as the fashionable weight loss holy medicine hawthorn , lotus leaf , etc . How to reduce the weight of these medicinal materials is determined by the doctor . The principle of TCM treatment of obesity is to activate the original functions of the body . After restoring the original functions , proper shaping and weight loss can be done to allow the body to find the original lines .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

For overweight people , Chinese medicine prescribes weight loss prescriptions according to their causes and physique , which are divided into four categories and have different weight loss methods . These four categories include : stomach heat and humidity resistance type , spleen deficiency and humidity resistance type , liver depression and stagnation type , and liver and kidney yin deficiency type .

Statistics show that the patients with stomach-heat type and qi stagnation type have the most , and the weight loss treatment effect is also good . On average , they can lose 2 pounds of 2 weeks . Some people even lost 6-7 kilograms a month . However , patients with yin deficiency in 50 years old , because of their poor metabolism , coupled with chronic diseases , the weight loss effect are not obvious .

2 . Secret of Chinese herbal slimming tea formula

1 . Clear heat type

Target : White-collar workers under 30 years of age gain weight because of excessive socialization , greasy diet , heavy work pressure , etc , which causes excess body heat , hyperactivity , prone to bitter mouth , bad breath , hunger , emotional irritability , yellowish urine , love constipation From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine , in addition to cellulite and diuresis , the key is to clear heat , the body’s metabolic function will return to normal .

Using medicinal materials :

Cassia seeds , slightly cold , can lower blood pressure , blood fat , laxative , if you have high blood pressure and constipation , you should choose cassia tea . However , it is not suitable for people that have cold constitution and are prone to diarrhea and stomachache .

Green tea is cold and can eliminate fat and digestion . The Journal of the American Society of Nutrition has confirmed that green tea does have weight loss and anti-cancer effects . But green tea is not fermented tea . Chinese medicine believes that it is easier to scrape the stomach , and people with bad stomach should pay more attention .

2 . Spleen strengthening type

Target : Some people are fat , only because of qi deficiency , need to strengthen the spleen . Chinese medicine believes that qi deficiency will cause the spleen to function abnormally , so that the qi can be replenished , the body’s functions will naturally recover , and it can be metabolized normally , . So it will naturally lose weight .

Using medicinal materials :

Job’s tears , calmness and dampness , because of its mild nature and unsatisfactory effect , it is mostly eaten with other medicinal or food ingredients .

Huangqi , sweet taste , mild temperature , nourishing qi , diminishing water swelling . There is no lipid-lowering effect of itself , but in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine , qi deficiency requires qi supplementation to enhance the body’s metabolic efficiency . Huang Qi can also enhance immune function .

Fule , sweet and flat . Spleen and diuresis can lower blood sugar , sedation , qi , and enhance immune function . It is no problem to eat for a long time . The folk eats Fule cream and Sishen soup have it .

3 . Liqi types

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to regulating the operation of ” Qi ” to make its smooth system in the liver . ” Liver depression can insult the spleen ” . The digestion and metabolism is incomplete . Naturally , it is easy to gain weight . Most young women have common symptoms . Stomach rises , mood swings , severely cause menstrual disorders .

is equivalent to Western medicine’s anxiety , depression , psychosis and other symptoms , plus this type of people tend to eat to relieve the situation , which is more likely to cause obesity .

Using medicinal materials :

tangerine peel can help digestion , expectoration and qi . The effect of weight loss alone is not strong .

roses can also be used for qi , with no side effects , and must be matched with other slimming medicines .

Expert comments: Most people are obese because of lack of exercise , so although the Chinese herbal weight-loss tea has a certain effect , it still needs to cooperate with diet and exercise , and change bad habits to lose weight .

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