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Undesirable ways to lose weight in summer

Although summer is the best weight loss season , many weight loss methods are not suitable for summer use . If you use numbness , it will have a great impact on your health . Let’s take a look together .

Liposuction and bone loss

It is expensive , painful , and it seems to have side effects . I heard that there is a black market plastic surgery hospital that uses a wood planer to grind bones , plus a saw . The Texas chainsaw is a killer , is it not to lose weight , or don’t easily move The saw is good .

Injection slimming method

The injection here is definitely not a drug . Although drug loss is also very effective against weight loss , it is harmful to health . So it is not a drop . The weight loss method injects a lipase , and then the lipase slowly burns fat . Note that fat is burned . So it is not self-immolation . Students who are not afraid of injections can try .

Removal of part of the stomach and small intestine for weight loss

Although the effect is good , but the risk is too great , and the human body is originally natural and self-contained , so this extreme method of weight loss is not recommended .

High temperature diets

This method is generally high-temperature yoga , which is similar to sauna . You can exercise while you lose weight . High-temperature yoga detoxifies and loses weight . It is a relatively healthy weight loss method . It is a painful process . It does not feel like steaming in the pot every day . It’s so good . If it doesn’t work , try it in the microwave . It will mature in two seconds .

Plastic wraps weight loss method

Wrap the body of plastic wrap , then exercise frantically and sweat desperately , but this method reduces water , not fat , and has side effects that may cause skin diseases . So I don’t recommend it . Think about it . Small DDs often uses insurance films and exercise regularly . They don’t see how thin they are . They still have a lot of meat .

What kind of weight loss method is best for summer ?

1 . Do not sit for more than 4 hours

A study by the University of Missouri in the United States found that sitting down or almost inactive for more than 4 hours will slow down your metabolism , which will make it easier about you to store fat and increase your chances of gaining weight . Therefore , make sure you don’t sit or inactive for a long time . Of course , sleeping time is an exception !

2 . Tell yourself a reason to lose weight every day

Ask yourself every day : ” Why do you want to lose weight ? ” . Insisting on giving yourself a reason to lose weight every day , this can give you more motivation and is a good way to speed up weight loss . Of course , weight loss can not only make your figure more perfect , but also help your health !

3 . Choose your favorite sport

Don’t ask yourself what is the best weight loss exercise , as long as you can stick to it , all aerobic exercises will be the best weight loss exercise . Perseverance will allow you to see the final victory , so choose your favorite sport , swimming , jogging , cycling , etc . be the best sports options to accelerate fat burning !

4 . Insist on writing a diet diary

University of Arkansas research found that sticking to a diet diary can help you lose more weight and is the best way to lose weight . Record the details of your diet every day , this information can help you better analyze your weight loss plan , and can also help you improve your diet !

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