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Uncover the five truths about your weight loss

There are many direct-selling weight-loss products of TV . The content of the advertisement makes people particularly desired to buy , but the effect of use is difficult to match the price . What exactly is going on ?

1 . Seven-day slimming soup

Merchants claim : Seven-Day Slimming Soup contains a lot of cellulose and vitamins , which can effectively to reduce cholesterol , break for fat , smooth the gastrointestinal tract , and remove toxins from the body . You need to drink this soup more than 10 times a day , and you can lose 4 to 5 kgs for 7 consecutive days .

User feedback : I feel disgusted when I see those dishes , and I feel more vomiting when I smell that taste ! On the first day , I was still able to support it . On the third day , my chest was so tight that my eyes could not see anything . Personal opinion , in fact , the 7th slimming soup is not a god soup , but the calorie is low , and it is replaced by cabbage , celery , tofu , and you will lose weight for a week .

The truth is revealed : The basic composition of the 7-day slimming soup is soup cooked with green vegetables . Even if you drink 10 bowls a day , you only get a few calories .

2 . Desktop fat-rejection machined

Merchants claim that they can both lose weight and do not need to exercise . The ” fat-throwing machine ” is a machine that can make the body “exercised ” . By driving the whole body to vibrate , ” let the whole body’s fat move , consume calories , and eliminate excess fat accumulated in the body ” .

User feedback : I think that the gadget is not very useful in sports , but it has a high nausea effect . The principle is not ” throwing fat ” as people understand it , but it is stomach agitation , so that you can’t digest and absorb anything you eat to achieve weight loss . Therefore , it is best to use it immediately after a meal .

The truth is revealed : the so-called fat rejection machine should be renamed to the waist vibration massage machine . When you are done exercising or sitting for a long time , you can go up and vibrate for a while . This massage machine can relax the muscles of the waist , hips and thighs , and promote blood circulation . But because the body does not exercise actively , does not consume energy and fat , it has no effect on weight loss . If it is useful , the body massage chair should be better . Even more terrifying is that high-frequency vibration may affect spine health .

3 . ” Pai ” typed weight loss pills

Merchants claim : Massage the central nervous system to reduce intake and suppress diet to achieve weight loss .

User feedback : An old classmate recommended a detoxifying and nourishing capsule to me , saying that it is laxative and also has a weight loss effect . It did work for the first few days , but then I found that my face was getting darker and darker , like a black gauze feeling . Later , a relative of Chinese medicine met me and was takes / took aback , warning me that there was something wrong with the liver . The abnormal blackening indicated that there was toxin accumulated in the liver . He persuaded me not to take medicine indiscriminately . It is a three-point poison . It is very simple to treat constipation . Just drink a large bowl of plain water before eating every morning , and eat breakfast after half an hour . I threw away all the medicine and did it according to his method . The effect was very good and my complexion was restored . I am very glad that it only took a month , otherwise it may cause extremely serious consequences , rather than a few hundred dollars .

The truth is revealed : the view of authentic Chinese medicine to lose weight is ” to make people thin , not to diarrhea , hungry and thin ” . People who have been adjusted to nourish and lose weight are energetic and not easy to get sick ; people who use drugs to lose weight are often injured by liver and kidney , and some of them will be seriously ill and even fatal due to liver and kidney failure . Hungry and thin people with deficiency in qi and blood , and severe cases are susceptible to liver and kidney inflammation .

4 . Two-point slimming magic liquid

Merchants claimed : cutting-edge high-tech , lipid in penetrates the lymphatic fluid of the human body through the skin , accelerates the conversion to fat into calories and free fatty acids , and is discharged through the lymphatic system to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss .

User feedback : I saw this product of TV , . So I called to order the product . Two boxes were sent , one for liquid and one for tablet’s . The ad says that you don’t need to take medicine , just apply 3 cms under the right earlobe and the navel . It will take effect on a day or two , and it will lose 3.5 kgs in 3 days . But I have used it for seven or eight days , and still no response at all . In the end , I took the pill with a try , and then diarrhea , but later I felt uncomfortable and dared not use it again .

The truth is revealed : In response to the so-called principle of lymphatic drainage , professional doctors also shook their heads : ” It is difficult for a professional doctor like us to understand what this means .” . But what is certain is that lymph cannot be used in weight loss Such an important role . Lymph is a component of circulation of the human body . After the fat decomposition products enter the blood , there is some exchange of substances with the lymphatic system . The lymph can indeed carry the decomposition products of fat , but the amount is very small , even if the drug can accelerate the decomposition of fat in the lymph . Metabolism is almost negligible for weight loss .

5 . The joke of body surface liposuction

Merchants claimed : Compared with the ” Magic Potion ” , the effect of ” Foot Liposuction Patch ” is more intuitive . Two patches of the same plaster are attached to the foot , and after a few hours , the patch becomes dark brown . This ” high-tech liposuction and detoxification product ” can ” allow fat cells to truly decompose and transform , eliminating excess body fat .”

User feedback : After discovering that the use of ” Underfoot Liposuction Patch ” is ineffective , a consumer made an interesting experiment and exposed the secret of ” Underfoot Liposuction Patch ” . She put this product of her own hot water bottle . After a while , the ” fat-removing paste ” became dark brown , and she just pulled the ” fat ” out of the water bottle .

The truth is revealed : human body fat can only be transformed into fat metabolites through energy metabolism-water , carbon dioxide , ketones and other substances are excreted into the body , and fat cannot be directly excreted from the body . The concept of ” extracorporeal liposuction ” is nonsense talk .

For many of the above weight loss products , Wang Chen , the chief physician of the Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Dalian University , said : The effective way to lose weight is to consume human calories and promote metabolism . Because 70% of the body’s calories are consumed through its own metabolism , exercise may consume only 15% . So whether it is active exercise or passive exercise , in the final analysis , it is not to burn fat through exercise , but to increase the body’s metabolic rate through long-term aerobic exercise to consume fat .

Four misunderstandings to avoid when choosing weight loss products :

1 . Misunderstanding of weight loss purpose , 80.7% of people use weight loss products to maintain better body shape , only 29.3% of people are to make their bodies healthier .

2 . Many people want to see results from a month or two . If they cannot be replaced , they should be replaced with other products immediately . In fact , losing weight in a short time is not conducive to health .

3 . Regardless of March 7 , July 21 , as long as it is reduced in a short period of time , it is used blindly without understanding the mechanism of action of weight loss products .

4 . Only pay attention to the effect of weight loss , not paying attention to safety . Most people judge the standard of weight loss products is how much can be reduced at a time , only 4% mentioned safety issues . Experts pointed out : Weight loss should first consider safety , and weight loss are meaningful only if safety is guaranteed .

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