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Two mistakes in liposuction and weight loss

Spring is blooming , more and more people go to the hospital for liposuction surgery . Ms. Chen , who is preparing to go to Hangzhou Jianguo Hospital for liposuction , said that she had gained only 3 kgs after a winter . As soon as spring came , I wanted to dress nicely but found that my previous clothes could not be worn . She laughed and said that she is lazy , and it is difficult to lose weight actively , . So she has to choose this passive weight loss-liposuction , in one step , without recurrence . She made an appointment of liposuction next Wednesday .

Liposuction is not the more the better

Director Wang Yuan’e of the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Medicine , Hangzhou Jianguo Hospital said that Ms. Chen came in through the health hotline . At that time she also asked if she could help her suck up a little more . This is actually a misunderstanding about liposuction and weight loss . Director Wang explained that liposuction slimming technique uses ultrasound , high-frequency electric field and other physical means to crush fat , and then inserts the liposuction tube into the subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision in the skin , and uses negative pressure suction to partially deposit the human body under the skin . Fat removal to achieve weight loss and improve body shape . Generally , the suction volume of 3000-5000 ml of fat is normal and can be carried out in stages and in stages , not as much as possible . Excessive liposuction may cause a large loss of body fluids , electrolytes , proteins , etc , which exceeds the body’s tolerance .

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Not everyone can liposuction

After discovering that they are gaining weight , many people will think of the shortcut of liposuction . However , Director Wang introduced that liposuction and weight loss also have certain indications and contraindications , and not everyone is suitable for it . If obese people under the age of 18 , their bodies are in the stage of growth and development , liposuction surgery will interfere with the normal fat development in their body , affect their hormone metabolism levels , thus hindering the normal growth and development of adolescents . In addition , liposuction is not suitable for pregnant women , the elderly , people with hypertension , heart disease , liver and kidney abnormalities . Also , it is not advisable to get pregnant within 6 months to 1 year after liposuction .

Director Wang said , generally speaking , those aged 18-55 years old , with limited fat accumulation , no organic heart and lung disease , no history of severe drug allergy , no thrombophlebitis , no coagulopathy , etc . Liposuction can be performed . Director Wang said that liposuction must go to a professional and regular hospital .

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