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Try balanced acupuncture weight loss therapy

” Weight loss ! Weight loss ! Weight loss ! ” . Since when , it has become the mantra we hang in our mouths , and become the cause of our hearts and minds to struggling with a lifetime . Yes , obesity has become a pressure in our lives . Beautiful clothes cannot be worn , and job search is rejected . The most terrible thing is that obesity is a hidden danger to health . Hypertension , heart disease , and diabetes all directly threaten our healthy lives .

” I want to lose weight ! Make up my mind to lose weight ! ” . This is the voice in countless people eager to be healthy . However , losing weight is not easy . Taking weight-loss pills and persecuting the body’s endocrine ; running 500 kilometers a day is really painful and difficult to persevere ; liposuction surgery also causes great harm to the body .

Weight loss , how to lose weight healthily , has become our day and night expectation .

1 . Modern medicine creates a balanced weight loss theory

modern balanced medical theory is a combination of ” Zhou Yi ” and the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory . The motherland’s ” Zhouyi ” believes that the internal viscera and meridians of the human body , the human body and the natural world restrict each other , and present a dynamic balance . Balance is coordination . The meaning of balancing in the balance medicine is Yin Ping Yang secret , that is , the balance of Yin and Yang in modern Chinese medicine . As far as modern people are concerned , balance is a sign and embodiment of health .

Modern balanced medicine is a green medicine that integrates the natural ecology of preventive health care , and is a modern Chinese medicine that integrates preventive health care and medical treatment . Advocate to fully rely on the self-balance system in the human body , assist various nutrients to improve the body’s ability , achieve the repair of unbalanced body , delay the body’s aging , and thus improve the ability to adapt to the living environment .

uses the theory of balanced medicine to explain the cause of obesity , that is , unhealthy living habits lead to a decline in the body’s own ability to regulate , resulting in an imbalance in the body’s internal metabolism . Chinese medicine believes that the human body are an organic whole , with meridians all over the body to connect the body’s internal organs , muscles , and limbs . The accumulation of fat and increase from fat shown by obesity is often said in traditional Chinese medicine ; the loss of lungs causes the waterways to be impaired , the spleen loses luck and the water is wet , the internal stops , and the lack of kidney essence leads to inferiority . In vita performance of the body’s metabolic disorders .

2 . Balanced acupuncture , green medical weight loss

Balanced acupuncture weight loss method is a scientific , green weight loss method that combines modern balance medical theory with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy . It advocates treatment based on syndrome differentiation , inhibits feeding center of acupoint adjustment , controls appetite , improves the body’s ability to decompose fat , protein and sugar , accelerates metabolism , reduces fat , and finally restores the corresponding balance of organs and normal body .

The experts on Renhua Kangcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic used the ” balanced acupuncture weight loss method ” . This modern and green medical weight loss method ” focuses on balancing the body’s yin and yang ” through dialectical acupoint selection , mainly through meridian stimulation , Solve the problem of ” swelling ” for many obese patients , and formulate scientific weight loss recipes for senior nutrition experts on Union Hospital , so that patients can easily eliminate fat and avoid obesity during the weight loss period . , And embarked on the road on  healthy life .

3 . Several questions about balancing acupuncture to lose weight

1. That is suitable for balanced acupuncture to lose weight ?

Answer : Balanced acupuncture for weight loss is based on the different obese nature of each patient . Because of the treatment of people , it has a good effect on the majority of obese patients , such as various primary obesity , secondary obesity , and postpartum obesity . Regardless of gender .

2. That can’t do acupuncture to lose weight ?

Answer : For patients with tumors during pregnancy , menstruation , malnutrition syndrome , and low platelet function , patients with blood diseases cannot use acupuncture to lose weight .

3. What is the treatment process of balanced acupuncture to lose weight ?

Answer : There are three main items in the treatment process :

Pulse diagnosis and ear diagnosis : It is the doctor who makes a preliminary understanding of the new patient and makes a diagnosis .

Organization and treatment According to the preliminary diagnosis , the patient is treated according to the disease to gradually achieve the purpose of weight loss . During this period , the doctor will also help the patient to organize the body’s ” accumulation ” , which is a combination of conditioning and weight loss .

Organization and management : It refers to helping patients to establish confidence psychologically and establish a correct eating habit .

4 . How does balanced acupuncture weight loss consolidate the effect of weight loss ?

Answer : The consolidation of weight loss results is a concern for every patient . Our doctor has studied many successful cases of weight loss and summed up two experiences :

Guide the patient’s diet during weight loss , not only to be nutritious , but also to be full and eat well .

After successful weight loss , give scientific recipes , and give reasonable food and health guidance , regular follow-up to help them adhere to good habits .

4 . We are on a healthy road

Mr Zhang : Background information : 54 years old , weight 109kg before treatment , acupuncture is 10kg weight loss after 10 treatments , usually has a lot of work and entertainment , weight control is difficult . When I went to the hospital for an examination , I found that I was younger and younger and became the ” three highs .” . My blood pressure was high , my blood sugar was high , my blood lipids were high , and my cardiovascular health was not good .

The doctor said that I am a typical ingested obese . In order to make my weight loss treatment uninterrupted during business trips , the plan they gave me was acupuncture and thread embedding . The effect is really good . I lost 10 kilograms in 20 days , which gives me confidence in the future .

Ms. Hu : Background information : 30 years old , postpartum obesity , weight 66kg before treatment , acupuncture 20 times weight loss 13kg , postpartum obesity is very common in women . After giving birth , fat is accumulated in the waist , abdomen and buttocks . The doctor recommended to me a combination of acupuncture and essential oil tank therapy . On the one hand , I organized my endocrine , and at the same time , it helped me restore my body’s function of the pathology . what is more happy is that my pregnancy spots are gone . The figure is better and the skin is more beautiful . I think I recover quickly .

Mr. Song : Background information : 56 years old , weight before treatment 103.1kg , 20 times the needle is reduced by 17kg

A person’s weight exceeds 200 pounds , that is really a burden . My blood pressure is not good , my snoring is severe . Sometimes my breathing will be suspended , and I often doze off while driving , which makes me feel very dangerous . The plan the doctor made for me was acupuncture , while stabilizing my blood pressure . The effect was very good . Now my blood pressure has been very stable , and my weight has been reduced by 34 pounds . I feel much more relaxed .

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