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Top secret weight loss method to eliminate fat has a high-tech

Eliminate fat , you can easily lose weight , today Xiaobian teaches you to eliminate fat from diet and exercise healthy and effective .

Recommended fast fat burning food :

Slimming Fast Ways:

1 . Winter melon

Detoxification and weight loss effect : Winter melon is a natural detox meal , easy to lose weight . Winter melon is rich in cellulose , which helps to promote gastrointestinal motility . In addition , wax gourds also contains propanedioic acid , which has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis , and is very helpful for relieving constipation , detoxification and weight loss .

Principle of promoting metabolism : Trigonelline contained in winter melon has the function of promoting metabolism , can effectively inhibit the conversion to sugar into fat , and can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body .

Speed ”up fat burning : Winter melon does not contain fat , but is rich in nutrients such as calcium , iron , phosphorus and carotene . It can speed up fat burning and is the best food choice of weight loss .

2 . Spinach

Detoxification and weight-loss effect : Spinach contains a large amount of cellulose that can clean up the heat and toxins in the human intestines and stomach , prevent constipation , and greatly help to improve skin conditions and reduce body fat .

The principle of promoting metabolism : spinach contains a lot of antioxidants , which have the functions of anti-aging , promoting cell reproduction and accelerating metabolism .

Speed ”up fat burning : Spinach has a lot of vitamins that can speed up fat burning , and it is one of the ideal weight loss foods .

3 . Red dates

Detoxification and weight-loss effect : Red dates contain high-quality protein , as well as a variety of amino acids , vitamins , carotene , calcium , iron , and phosphorus , which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion .

The principle of promoting metabolism : The amino acids contained in red dates can strengthen the liver function of the body , and the improvement in liver functions directly affects the basic metabolic rate !

Speed ”up fat burning : Carotene , calcium and vitamins are all important nutrients that can speed up fat burning , which is also an important factor that red dates can help burn fat .

Fat burning exercises to lose weight anytime and anywhere , easy fat burning and slimming :

1 . Sitting on a chair , arms are stretched forward to shoulder height , and the arms are flipped inwards , then outwards , repeated 8 times .

2 . Sit on the chair , with your feet apart , press the palm of your hands against the chair , with your wrist facing the outside and your fingertips facing the inside of your thigh . Press the chair moderately and extend your arms .

3 . Put your hips to the back of the chair , stretch your arms backwards , put them on the back of the chair , hold your hands together , stretch your chest forward , stretch your arms of the opposite direction , and contract your shoulders blades to maintain this movement .

4 . With both feet open , place your left hand on your right knee , bend your back , straighten your left arm , fully extend your left back , but follow the same steps .

5 . Hold the body of both sides with the chair of both hands to support the body , stretch the chest forward while breathing , the shoulders force in the opposite direction , and the shoulder blades contract inward , making the back tense .

6 . With your legs together , sit on a chair , put your hands on your knees , and bend your spine while exhaling , feeling that the lower end of the spine is getting closer and closer to the back of the chair , and your body’s center of gravity is placed under the back . Hold this action for 10 seconds .

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