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Top 10 weight loss fruits with the best weight loss effect

The weight-loss effect of fruits can be said to be very large , but not all fruits are suitable for weight loss . Today , the top ten weight loss fruit rankings are launched to tell you who ten kinds of fruits are the best weight loss tools .

Top 10 Fruits for Weight Loss

Slimming Fast Ways:

1 . Apple

Apple’s weight loss is very popular with the Internet . As a cheap fruit , the apple must be rich in dietary fiber , which can increase gastrointestinal motility and help the body detoxify . The calcium element contained in apples can remove excess salt in the body and reduce puffiness . The potassium element can also eliminate edema and have a diuretic effect . But to lose weight with apples , the best time to eat are between morning and noon .

2 . Banana

Everyone is familiar with banana weight loss . The weight-loss effect of bananas is also drastic . Although sweet , it has very low calories and is rich in dietary fiber . Contain almost all vitamins and minerals , laxatives and intestines can also relieve lungs and cough , clear heat and detoxify , also have a certain effect on digestion , and nourish the human body . Can be used as a staple food with other vegetables , especially foods with high nutrition and low calories .

3 . Oranges

The enzymes contained in oranges can inhibit fat-producing cells and dietary fiber that can reduce body fat . It is easy to produce a feeling of fullness . It is rich in vitamin C and citric acid , which can not only to whiten the skin , but also eliminate fatigue . The thin skin inside the orange peel can also cause luxation and lower cholesterol in the body . Oranges should not be eaten on an empty stomach or before meals . The organic acids contained in oranges can irritate the gastric mucosa .

4 . Hawthorn

Hawthorn has the effects of lowering blood pressure and promoting gastrointestinal digestion . The organic substances contained are extremely beneficial to weight loss , but it is difficult to import due to excessive acidity , but we can choose processed hawthorn tea to drink , and some are made from hawthorn Cheng’s retail is also a good choice , that is , you can lose weight when you are satisfied .

5 . Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is also a favorite fruit of people that lose weight . It has low calories and high fiber . After eating , it can effectively expel toxins from the body and relieve constipation . Of course , slimming is also a lever .

6 . Strawberry

Strawberries are rich in dietary fiber , which helps digestion and defecate . It can also regulate the cholesterol and fat content with the body . The aspartic acid contained in it can also detoxify and nourish the face . Adding yoghurt while eating can not only quickly solve the hunger sensation , but also play a role in weight loss .

7 . Grapefruit

Grapefruit has low calories , and is also rich in B vitamins and vitamin C . A large amount of citric acid and various trace elements can help the digestion of meat and reduce the intake of fat . The natural pectin contained in it can lower cholesterol well . The large amount of enzymes in the body can also prevent the sugar in the body of being easily converted into fat . It’s best to eat it half an hour after dinner , so as to prevent the body of absorbing a large amount of nutrients and cause the body to lose shapes .

8 . Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in bromeliad . This kind of enzyme-like thing can decompose protein and fat . Rich dietary fiber can help the digestion of the stomach and intestines and remove excess fat and garbage in the intestine . After peeling the pineapple , soak it in light saline and add yogurt to eat . The frozen pineapple will taste better . Every time you eat more than half a catty as a staple food , even for 7 days , the weight loss effect will be very good .

9 . Kiwi

Kiwi contains high-quality dietary fiber , which can help digestion and absorb and remove toxins and fats in the intestinal tract . A substance contained in it can increase the speed of metabolism . There are a lot of nutrients and pectin in the kiwi fruit , which not only inhibits oxidation but also inhibits and lowers cholesterol . Whether it is eaten raw or squeezed into juice , the taste is good .

10 . Lemon

I don’t need to say more about lemon weight loss . Everyone knows that lemon is one of the rare fruits that has both slimming and beauty , and it tastes good , . So it is very close to women .

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