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Top 10 sexy actresses in the world

Recently , the famous British magazine ” Glamour ” selected the world’s top 10 sexy . Scarlett Johansson , with his extraordinary temperament , topped the list of the ” most beautiful body of the world ” . This smart man is only 22 years old , but he is already a top Hollywood movie star . She is considered by the public to have the most perfect body .

The runner-up winner is Jessica Alba , born in California , U.S.A , who is rich in exotic beauty and bodybuilding .

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The world’s most expensive supermodel , full-body Gisele Bundchen is in the third place in the top 10 sexy rankings of ” Glamour ” .

Since the divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005 , Jennifer Aniston has never been as radiant as it is now . It is said that this is due to her practicing yoga and walking with her dog . Jennifer , now 38 years old , has announced that she wants to be a mother , and she is preparing to make three films . Anniston ranked fourth .

Mother of 4 children , girlfriend of Brad Pitt , internationally acclaimed movie star , UN Goodwill Ambassador . Angelina Jolie , with many titles , ranks in the middle of this ranking and is in fifth place .

Mischa Barton , 21-year-old heroine of ” British Rose ” and ” Orange County Boys ” ranked sixth .

7th place is another star (gallery , article ) the shin in ” Orange County Boys ” -Rachel Bilson .

The beauty of Beyonce Knowles is the perfect combination of modern hip-hop and the beauty of Hollywood classics . She ranked 8th on this list .

Jennifer Lopez , who has Latin American descent , has never fallen out of the top ten in the sexy rankings . This time , she once again proved her strength with the ninth place .

Ranked 10th is British beauty skelly Brook . Kelly has a sexy beauty that makes men feel comfortable .

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