Lose weight / Easy weight loss / Tomato slimming meal, a good helper for healthy weight loss!

Tomato slimming meal, a good helper for healthy weight loss!

Tomatoes have always been the first choice of weight loss girls . Not only are they rich in nutrition , but they are also full of gaining weight during the weight loss period . It can be said that the tomato slimming meal is a good helper for healthy weight loss . Today , I will introduce the principle of tomato weight loss and tomato weight loss . Let’s take a look at the benefits .

The principle of tomato weight loss :

An average woman consumes an average of about 600 calories in one meal . If one or two meals (breakfast , lunch or dinner ) are replaced with tomatoes , the absorption of at least hundreds of calories can be reduced . This will not cause too much stress and will not cause the body Lack of nutrition .

Five benefits from tomato :

1 . Very low calories :

Tomatoes taste good and make you feel full , and they only have 16 calories per 100 grams . A 250-gram medium-sized tomato has only 40 calories . Compared to one , an apple of the same size has 107 calories .

2 . Rich in vitamin A . C and other elements :

Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy . And a tomato already contains vitamin C (50 mg ) that an adult needs a day , which can enhance the body’s resistance . At the same time , the iron and citric acid in tomatoes can also prevent anemia , eliminate fatigue and strengthen blood vessels .

3 . Antioxidant :

The lycopene in tomato can make the body exert its antioxidant function .

4 . Strong degreasing power :

Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber , which can absorb excess fat in the intestines before being discharged from the body . Eating a tomato before meals can prevent the fat in the food from being absorbed by the body and help fat burning .

5 . Can prevent cancer :

Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene , which can reduce the occurrence of oral , throat , esophagus , stomach , large intestine and rectal cancer .

The editor recommends boiled tomato diet meal

How to make boiled tomatoes :

Ingredients (3-day serving ) : 10 tomatoes (about 1.5 kg ).1 spoon of salt

Practice :

  • 1 . Wash the surface of the tomato carefully with water , and then cut it into small pieces to make it easy to boil into a paste .
  • 2 . You don’t need to put oil when cooking tomatoes , put them directly in the pot of salt , and cook them on a medium to weak heat . At this time , the water starts to evaporate , so be careful not to burn .
  • 3 . Stir gently and cook for 10-15 minutes . Cook until a paste . The weight is about 70% of the uncooked amount . Then put it in a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days .
  • 4 . If you don’t like to eat tomato skins , you can separate the tomato skins after boiling , and then put them in the pot to cook again . At this time , the weight is half of the uncooked , and the juice is relatively thin .

Recipes for poached tomatoes with other ingredients :

1 . Poach tomato + clams

Put the boiled tomatoes and clams in the pot together , add some cooking wine , and cook over medium heat until the clam’s mouth is open . It can effectively improve anemia , allow the blood in the body to flow , and speed up the natural metabolism .

2 . Boil tomato + pasta

Use a pot to boil water and salt , put the pasta in and cook , be careful not to cook for too long or it will lose its texture . Cook and scoop up , then heat a cup of boiled tomatoes , add other ingredients or minced meat , and finally pour it on the pasta .

3 . Poach tomato + breads

Boiled tomatoes can be used as ketchup . When you lose weight , use whole-wheat bread for breakfast ! It has a good effect on fighting off excess fat !

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