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To lose weight, we must first fight psychological warfare

As people’s awareness of healthy weight loss increases , people gradually find that people’s psychology has a great influence on weight loss , . So we must have a good mentality when losing weight , and we cannot turn weight loss into a burden .

After experiencing some hardships , many people that lose weight often has questions : Have you worked hard for a long time , and are still far from your ideal weight ? Is it worth continuing ? Sometimes I even want to eat and drink , to reminisce on the idea of ””gourmet food ” that was lost in the past . In fact , losing weight is inherently difficult . The weight gain is not ten days and a half , and it will of course take longer to lose weight . As long as you persist , the dawn is in sight .

Slimming Fast Ways:

According to the report on the Russian Journal of Chemistry and Life in the 21st Century , experts from the Moscow Medical Research Institute found that according to their statistics , only nearly 10% of obese patients can successfully lose weight . Keep the original weight loss results from two years of weight loss . The reasons for not being able to maintain the weight loss results are complicated . One of the reasons is that the ” heart disease ” of some obese patients has not been treated . According to experts , some people continue to eat or overeat when they are depressed . Others often suffer from insomnia and eat during insomnia . Over time , these people will be prone to obesity . When such obese patients receive diet therapy , they often have depression , depression and other reactions . After the course of treatment , they will eat involuntarily and lose weight .

After an in-depth analysis of the above patients , the experts found that the patient has encountered one or more with the following situations during the growth process :

1 . During infancy , the mother only feeds her baby at a fixed time . Before the milking time , the child felt hungry and uneasy ;

2 . During childhood , parents use various delicious foods to reward or punish their children ;

3 . It is easy to be impulsive and pessimistic in case of accident . However , after eating , they can get a certain degree of psychological relaxation .

Experts pointed out that after experiencing the above-mentioned situations , some people may link psychological relaxation and emotional improvement with food and develop emotional eating habits . For those suffering from obesity , dieting alone will to make it hard for them to bear , and the weight loss effects / effected will not last long . Only a healthy weight loss method does not rebound .

According to the above research results , experts implemented psychotherapy on 40 obese patients who are used to emotional eating . In the process of treatment , doctors strive to make patients interested in things other than food , and learn to use ” brain ” instead of ” stomaching ” to solve problems of / with life . Experts later discovered that psychological therapy promoted the effects of dieting and exercise . The above-mentioned 40 patients maintained their original weight-loss effect after ending the weight-loss treatment for more than a year .

In fact , different methods apply to different people or different periods of the same person . As long as you understand that this method is correct , scientific , and applicable to you , you must persevere . It is necessary to constantly find the cause of the past or the failure of others , and try our best to avoid or correct it , so that we can go to the road to success earlier .

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