Lose weight / Easy weight loss / To lose weight, pay attention to lack of sleep can easily lead to beer belly!

To lose weight, pay attention to lack of sleep can easily lead to beer belly!

Beer belly is not a patent for men that love to drink . The reasons for beer belly formation are complicated . In addition to genetics , diet , exercise and other factors , what many people don’t understand are that poor sleep quality is also a major culprit .

Experts say that people’s sleep conditions are gradually declining from youth to middle-aged to old age . Among them , the more prominent performance is the deterioration of the quality of slow-wave sleep (also known as deep sleep ) , and deep sleep has an impact on people’s overall The meaning of health is particularly important . It plays an important role in helping the body eliminate fatigue , immunity and disease resistance .

In addition , middle-aged men often play the role of ” pillar ” in the family and society , and their sleep conditions is even worse under the ” excessive pressure ” . Physiological , psychological , and social comprehensive factors change the body’s neuroendocrine status and increase the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones and gonadal hormones .

All of these will cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen easily , resulting in central obesity , that is , beer belly . Central obesity is closely related to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension .

Experts suggest that if middle-aged men in the office want to improve their sleep quality and stay away from beer belly , they should start with the word ” movement ” .

Sleep is originally a physiological phenomenon . As long as you maintain a combination of movement and static and a regular and orderly life , sleep will come naturally .

For middle-aged men that are often engaged in mental work , keep walking for half an hour or weight loss in the morning and afternoon , and take 15 minutes to rest at noon (you don’t need to fall asleep , just close your eyes and rest quietly ) . Relaxing the brain is a great help in maintaining the body’s dynamic and static balance , and it can also promote sleep well .

I wow weight loss website recommends men’s weight loss exercise before going to bed to help sleep and lose weight

The first group : sit-ups (1 )

Lie flat on the ground , cross your hands on your chest , slightly arch your legs , sit up like normal sit-ups , get up and lie down , repeat several times . As for the number of times , it depends on the individual’s physical fitness .

People who have poor physical strength or have not exercised for a long time can use other help , such as hooking their feet with the wardrobe drawer , or asking someone to help hold the back of their feet to get up . In addition , stretching your hands forwards / forwarded , or placing your head lightly , can help athletes get up easily . Although the effect is not as good as the hands crossed on the chest , it is very suitable for beginners with beer belly .

The second group : sit-ups (two )

Cross and raise your feet to do sit-ups . The difficulty is higher than the first group , and the effect is stronger than the first group . If you want to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles , this group is an ideal exercise .

In addition , you can also use a round stool to replace the posture of raising your legs : take a round stool of moderate height , put your feet on it , and maintain a 90-degree rights angle with the body . This practice can reduce the burden on beginners . But the effect is the same as those with legs raised and crossed .

The third group : Bend the knee and raise the leg (1 )

Lie flat on the ground , keep your hands close to the floor , raise your legs and raise your knees (the more fat you get , the more your knees can be bent ) , then put it down and repeat it several times to help exercise your lower abdominal muscles .

The fourth group : bending knees and raising legs (2 )

Sit on the floor , use your hips as a fulcrum , support the ground with your arms , bend your legs and raise them , then lower them . Obese men can use this method to effectively contract the lower abdomen .

The fifth group : side abdominal muscle training

Place one hand behind your ears and one hand close to the ground . Do sit-ups in the left and right directions , and repeat several times . When doing this group of exercises , the back must be close to the ground , and the buttocks that stand up sideways can only be slightly lifted , not too far from the ground , otherwise it will easily cause back injuries .

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