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55 tips for losing weight, restore a [100%] slim figure!

I really want to be a sexy beauty, but wearing a thin strapless vest, split skirt, and ultra-mini shorts, I always feel that the fleshy arms, the convex belly, and the fat buttocks are embarrassing. How to drive away the extra kilograms?

Step #1 What are the effects of obesity on daily life

Mild obesity has almost no impact on daily life. Most people with moderate obesity will become lazy and lack confidence in life. People with severe obesity will almost lose their ability to take care of themselves and exercise. The pain is endless.

American Hudson, known as the world’s super obesity champion, weighs 540kg and is only 34 years old. Most of his time is spent in bed.

After a year of losing weight, he lost 100kg before he could get out of bed and walk a few steps in the room.

People find that fat people who weigh up to 150kg cannot go to theaters to watch movies or go to concerts. Obese people cannot sit on chairs in these public places.

Obese people still can’t use small toilets. They have to take up two seats by plane, which means they spend twice as much money. Obese people need less special life. They even need to use a bar for weighing goods. Said that, coupled with the cynicism of people in society, many people lack confidence in life.

In order to maintain a slim body and return to normal physique, it is necessary to adhere to scientific and reasonable weight loss activities, endure the pain of weight loss, and in exchange for happiness in life.

Step #2 Restore a 100% slim figure

do not worry! I will now tell you a series of slimming secrets, whether it is fat on the top, on the bottom, or on the whole body, it will restore you to a 100% slim figure.

1. Are you obese?

If you have the following characteristics:

  • Lower body obesity
  • Muscle loose
  • Prone to excessive phlegm and edema
  • Eat less and not lose weight
  • Icy hands and feet

Your little secret to lose weight

  • (1) Take more baths or foot baths (foot baths) at least three times a week to promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism.
  • (2) Never go on a diet indiscriminately or adopt improper weight loss methods, such as “apple therapy” and “seven-day fasting method.” Because people with yin obesity need a way to lose weight and make up their body to succeed.
  • (3) Drink plenty of warm beverages or tea, and “never” drink cold beverages. Otherwise, the chance of losing weight will be greatly reduced.
  • (4) Eating a little spicy food, such as ginger, pepper, pepper, chili, etc., has a great effect on warming the body and will enhance the basic metabolic function.
  • (5) Applying “A.F. Cellulite Cream” and “A.F. Tightening Cream” every day can strengthen the slimming effect of specific parts and prevent the appearance of “stretch marks”.
  • (6) Avoid frying, greasy food and dessert snacks.
  • (7) Don’t eat white sugar. Use brown sugar or honey instead. Don’t eat instant noodles or MSG.

2. Are you obese?

If you have the following characteristics:

  • Overall obesity
  • Strong muscles
  • Sweat easily
  • Easy to constipation
  • High blood pressure

Your tips for weight loss:

  • (1) Take more baths or foot baths (foot baths) at least twice a week to promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism.
  • (2) Reduce food intake. The biggest weakness of people with positive obesity is that they often overeat.
  • (3) Drink plenty of warm beverages or tea. If you really want to drink or eat some cold food or beverages, you must drink a glass of warm water first. You must never eat or drink cold food on an empty stomach.
  • (4) Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • (5) Applying “A.F. Cellulite Cream” and “A.F. Tightening Cream” every day can strengthen the slimming effect of specific parts and prevent the appearance of “stretch marks”.
  • (6) Avoid frying, greasy food and dessert snacks.
  • (7) Don’t eat white sugar. Use brown sugar or honey instead. Don’t eat instant noodles or MSG.

Step #3 “Come slowly” weight loss method

The basic steps of “Let’s lose weight slowly” are as follows: For the first 12-16 weeks, the weight loss person only needs to lose 0.5-1 kg of body weight per week, and then there is a half-year maintenance period. If you need to lose more weight, you can Repeat this process. The “slow weight method” is not to lose a lot of weight quickly, but to slowly lose one-tenth of the weight according to your height and frame.

The reason is:

  • 1. Small goals are easier to achieve. You only need to reduce the intake of high-fat foods and strengthen physical activity to lose 0.5 kg per week. You don’t need to give up all your favorite foods, and you don’t have to exercise hard, down to exhaustion.
  • 2. The initial loss of a few kilograms is extremely important. As long as you reduce your weight by one-tenth and eat less high-fat foods, the incidence of depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. will be high, and you will feel lighter from then on , Full of energy.
  • 3. “Slow weight loss method” is safer, and the semi-starved quick-acting weight loss will cause a sudden decrease in insulin secretion and abnormal adrenaline secretion, leading to instability of metabolism, leading to a variety of diseases, such as fatigue, hair loss, and arrhythmia , Gallstones, empty heart disease, etc. American researchers compared the weight fluctuations of more than 5,000 men and women who lost weight and concluded that those with unstable weight gain and loss have a greater chance of heart disease and premature death than those with stable weight.
  • 4. The results of the “Slow weight loss method” are easy to maintain. 80%-90% of weight loss people will regain their original body shape within 5, and many facts show that 50% of people who adopt a gentle method to lose weight and keep their weight are not gained After 5 years, you can still maintain your weight after losing weight.

“Let’s take your time weight loss consists of four brief steps.

  • 1. To formulate “wise” goals, any weight loss plan should first study the patient’s weight and nutritional history, and draw a chart based on past weight fluctuations. The goal of any weight loss person should not be lower than the lightest weight he had maintained for at least a year before he was 21 years old.

A 48-year-old woman came to the nutrition center, hoping to reduce the weight of 85 kg by 25 kg. This woman does two jobs and has no time to eat. Taking into account her work and physical condition, the center recommended that she only need to lose 6 kg-&% of her body weight, without taking drugs to control high blood pressure.

  • 2. Three-way march. People who lose weight must take three basic actions that can control their weight in the long term. First of all, we must follow a balanced and healthy diet plan, eat more fiber-rich foods, and the daily fat intake should not exceed 30 grams. If the food is properly prepared, you can add three low-fat snacks to the three meals. Secondly, we must change the habit of eating lazy, walking instead of taking the elevator, attending banquets as little as possible, and getting up and walking around when working for a long time. Finally, do some fitness exercises appropriately. For example, walking 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time. Increase the amount of exercise one to two times within a year. Any exercise is beneficial, whether it is dancing or walking, at least 20 minutes each time. Even if you start to lose weight slowly, you will notice that your health has improved greatly. Relevant examples show that 70% of those who have lost 10%-15% of body weight have improved heart function, blood pressure, sleep status and respiratory function. Some patients with mild hypertension have lost only 5 kilograms in weight, but the drop in blood pressure is almost equal to those who take drugs.
  • 3. Maintain the new weight after losing weight. This is the most difficult stage. After losing weight, dieters must spend at least half a year to maintain their new weight and allow their body to adapt to changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Don’t get caught up in it. It is natural to make small mistakes occasionally. Prevent the adoption of the “reduction, guarantee, and release” system. In “minus days”, you must diet and exercise; “guarantees” you can eat more appropriately and reduce the amount of exercise; “release days” are all free and unlimited. Every night before yesterday, it is best to mark “minus”, “guarantee” and “release” on the calendar. The successful experience is that “decrease days” are more than “guarantees” and “stay days” are more than “release days.”
  • 4. Do it again. For some severely overweight people, it is obvious that they must lose more than 10% of their weight. After successfully maintaining the new weight for half a year, they can consider doing it again. How to judge whether the weight has slowed down enough? The simplest criterion is whether you feel comfortable, and whether a health factor improves is a more scientific criterion. Before weight loss, you should go to the hospital to check your cholesterol, fat, and blood pressure. At the beginning of the six-month retention period, you should also check once, after which you can do it alone.

“Waiting slowly” is not so much a way to lose weight, as it is to reduce weight and improve your lifestyle. You don’t need to slow down your weight to an astonishing level. Just remember to “take your time” and you can safely Lose weight to fit your health, and it will always be.

Step #4 55 tips for weight loss

Do you want to “be as light as a swallow” and never “rebound”? Try the following tips, they are really effective and visible!

  • 1. Drink at least 1 glass of water before each meal.
  • 2. Breakfast should be simpler, with low-fat foods. Such as fresh fruit, baked whole wheat bread, yogurt and eggs, instant cereals, etc.
  • 3. Eating small and frequent meals each day can stabilize your blood sugar levels, thereby avoiding emotional impulses, so that your greedy appetite can be eased and the possibility of overeating is greatly reduced.
  • 4. Never underestimate the destructive power of “calories”. If you add a small amount of sugar to the food you eat every day, you may not care about it. But after 1 year, the extra calories per day will accumulate in your body into 3 kg of fat-30 kg in 10 years.
  • 5. Avoid high-protein foods. The idea that protein should be supplemented during weight loss is incorrect. In the first few weeks of losing weight, what you lose is mainly water in the body, not protein. In addition, excessive intake of protein can cause physical weakness, headaches, and irregular heartbeats. A balanced and orderly diet is the key to successful weight loss.
  • 6. You should arrange your daily exercise time according to your own living habits. If you have a long and busy working day, you should hurry up and exercise in the early morning. And if you want to suppress your appetite for dinner, the best time to exercise is 4 or 5 in the afternoon. If you feel that this is too much psychological pressure, then 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening is also a good time.
  • 7. Eating more potatoes can make you skip or eat less other greasy foods. Many varieties of potatoes are rich in nutrients and delicious.
  • 8. Often read the reports of other people successfully losing weight published in the newspapers to get spiritual touch and inspiration.
  • 9. You can add sauces containing mustard, fruits or vegetables to chicken or ham sandwiches to make them more delicious.
  • 10. When making delicious desserts, do not put a layer of fresh cream directly on the top. The condensed skimmed milk should be mixed with the non-calorie sweetener or vanilla extract and stirred vigorously, so that we get a non-calorie cream.
  • 11. “Clear” the useless egg yolk in your own weight loss diet and replace it with a small piece of low-fat white dry cheese.
  • 12. Frequent exercises with the main purpose of exercising lower body muscles (mainly your hips and thighs) can maximize the consumption of calories absorbed in the body. For example: walking, jogging, cycling, etc.
  • 13. No matter what type of exercise you are engaged in, exercise is better than no exercise, so don’t push it over and over again just because you don’t have enough time to finish an exercise. Any behavior that makes you feel refreshed, such as cleaning fallen leaves, cleaning the room, or taking your dog for a walk, can be counted as an exercise. Remember that your body is constantly consuming body calories in various ways throughout the 24 hours a day.
  • 14. Keep in mind the 20-minute rule: your brain needs about 20 minutes to confirm that you are full. The way to deal with this is to chew slowly and prolong the meal. If you eat too fast, your appetite will definitely be “excessive.” You should try to drink some hot soup. You can’t “gobble it up” with it.
  • 15. Go out for a walk with friends. Walking can consume the calories absorbed by the body, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, reinvigorate you when you are exhausted, and gradually calm you down when you are irritated, and it can also make you and nature and friends We have more contacts. When walking, you should wear high-quality sports shoes and maintain a proper posture: look straight ahead, tuck your abdomen, raise your hips, straight your back, and do not bend over and look down at your feet.
  • 16. Usually, you should climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. This not only “burns” the body heat, but also enhances the heart function and prolongs life.
  • 17. You can go to the hills near your home for climbing exercises every morning or evening. While you enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset, the heat in your body has quietly disappeared.
  • 18. Ride a bicycle to work as much as possible. If your work unit is too far away from your home, you can take a bus to a place closer to your unit first, and you can complete the rest by cycling or walking.
  • 19. Treat housework as a fun aerobic exercise. The calories consumed are enough to surprise you. Mopping the floor for 1 hour can consume 250-400 calories; ironing clothes, 205 calories; making beds, 210-240 Calories; laundry, 160 calories.
  • 20. Appropriate dressing can make you look thinner: you should wear clothing with longer straight or diagonal stripes. V-shaped neckline and long and narrow pointed collar can also visually produce some weight loss “effects”. Clothing color It should be darker and cooler, the fabric should be smoother and the pattern should be smaller.
  • 21. The clothes worn should have a strong appeal. A glimpse of envy by others can make you have enough confidence and motivation to keep your figure slim.
  • 22. There should be sufficient psychological preparation for possible setbacks in the process of weight loss and find ways to overcome them. Make a list of common problems and obstacles and write down your response should they happen. Always have positive self-talk. When you encounter a setback that is beyond your control, you should tell yourself that you have done your best and should continue. No matter how hard you work, you can’t control everything in your life, so you should not criticize yourself blindly when you are temporarily frustrated.
  • 23. Tell others about the results you have achieved in weight loss, so that you will immediately win the respect and broad support of others. In addition, constantly telling others about your achievements can make you feel like dreams come true every day.
  • 24. Don’t weigh your weight repeatedly in three days. Because the water that stays in the body every day ranges from 1-4 pounds and the weight of muscle is also greater than fat, weighing your weight every day will make you lose confidence. On the other hand, you should always pay attention to whether the clothes you are wearing are still fit, so that you can constantly see your progress and always maintain sufficient motivation.
  • 25. Don’t think that you can consume all the calories you eat in your body through physical exercise. You cannot and should not do this. In order to find out how much food you can eat every day without gaining weight, you should record the calories eaten into the body and the calories consumed through exercise every day. It should be remembered that in any case, your daily intake of calories should not be less than 1,200 calories.
  • 26. Reasonable diet: three meals a day should be matched in this way; high-quality and large-volume breakfast, rich variety of lunch, light and light dinner. Example: Breakfast, a glass of milk or soy milk, a bread with eggs, pork floss or fish slices. An orange or grapefruit: lunch, a delicious staple food, a bowl of thick soup, fresh fruit; dinner, vegetable salad, a small bowl of rice or noodles. Some lean meat products. This method is very effective because the body absorbs calories from food. It takes time to consume, and eating more breakfast and lunch is just enough for the body to consume time. Facts have shown that the reason why French people are slimmer than Americans is that French people’s lunch provides 60% of calories, while Americans consume higher calories at dinner. Some dieters give up breakfast and control the amount of lunch to achieve the goal of losing weight. This method of dieting can easily cause dieters to lose control during dinner and overeating, which leads to counterproductive effects.
  • 27. Restaurant chic method: The most important thing to lose weight is to have self-discipline. According to this rule, it is not necessary to completely abstain from eating high-fat foods such as animal oil and grilled food. You just have to remember from time to time: only occasionally eat high-fat foods when dining in a restaurant. In this way, in front of friends, you are as easy-going as everyone else, and everyone will envy you for your still slim body.
  • 28. Outside lunch method: According to the calorie consumption, you should choose a lunch party as soon as possible when you eat out. It is best to enjoy a rich lunch in the second half of lunch, so that you will not be too hungry when you have dinner.
  • 29. Just enough to stop: This trick may take some time to explore-where is the most ideal “zone” for not being hungry or full. Once you get used to it, you will naturally end up in moderation. If you eat too much, you will feel uncomfortable.
  • 30. Exquisite diet: When you go out, choose McDonald’s, KFC and other retouching restaurants to eat often without control. Want to be slim forever? You should choose high-end restaurants. Not only its price makes you afraid to eat more, but you are very picky about food in that exquisite environment.
  • 31. Drink plenty of boiling water: Drink plenty of water to avoid the thought of snacking. In addition to boiling water, you will naturally have many drinks that do not contain more sugar.
  • 32. Method of storing vegetables and fruits: You should store some vegetables and fruits, wash them and cut them well, so that when you feel hungry, you will naturally think of these high-fiber, vitamin-rich green foods.
  • 33. Save less snacks: potato chips, nuts, candies, chocolate and other high-fat foods are indeed delicious. You don’t have to “muse” yourself. Just remember to buy some only when you are not eating them, and you should buy the best. This way you won’t eat them all in the blink of an eye.
  • 34. Eat only regular meals: Many people think that just eating snacks or eating non-fat snacks can reduce fat. In fact, eating things that are not beautiful but are still rich in calories. It is better to eat three meals seriously. .
  • 35. Hidden denim method: You always keep a pair of jeans that you wore when your body was slimmer, and then often try them on. In this way, you will definitely control your own rate of gaining weight in time.
  • 36. Bathroom magic mirror method: In your bathroom, you should have a large mirror that can illuminate your whole body. This way you can care about your slimness every day. Don’t underestimate it, many models do this. According to the law of beauty, you should see more beauty, so that you will often have a slim standard in your heart. This will very strongly inhibit you from putting your body in an indifferent attitude.

Several ways to lose weight

  • 37. Chew and swallow slowly when eating: When eating, you must slow down the speed of eating. You should chew as many mouthfuls as you can and swallow slowly. This will give your brain time to form a “full” signal and stimulate it. The thalamus satiety center to eliminate hunger, when the blood sugar rises to a certain level, the satiety center will send out a stop signal. So try to choose foods that take time to chew, such as vegetables and crude fiber foods. If you gorge yourself and eat the food in just a few minutes, the satiety center has not had time to send a signal (it usually takes 20 minutes to send a signal), and you will overeat. Therefore, slow food is a good way to lose weight.
  • 38. Eat more popcorn: Popcorn contains a lot of fiber, but the calories are close to zero.
  • 39. Try eating pollen: This is currently a very popular way to lose weight in the United States. Taking pollen preparations can not only restore your tired body, but also make you lose weight.
  • 40. Fruits and vegetables cannot be less: According to scientific research, eating more fruits and vegetables can help lose weight. Because meat foods are easily stored as fat in the human body and make people fat. Protein or carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits are not easily converted into fat, especially green vegetables without sugar are particularly effective for weight loss. The cellulose, special substances and water contained in vegetables are positively beneficial to weight loss and fat reduction. The fiber in vegetables stays in the intestine for a shorter time than other foods, which can prevent the body from over-absorption of nutrients and reduce calorie storage; in addition, vegetables can also promote the decomposition of fat, consume fat in the body, thereby reducing fat accumulation . Celery, leeks, white radish, green onions, pumpkin, etc. are all good vegetables for weight loss.
  • 41. Potatoes will not make you fat: Many people treat potatoes as fat food, but they are not. Both potatoes and sweet potatoes contain starch, but their water content is as high as 70% or more, and the real starch content is only 20%. They also contain “dietary fiber” which can produce “satisfaction”, so using it instead of staple food has weight loss effect. The reason why potatoes are regarded as fattening food is that people cook good potatoes into French fries and potato chips. A medium-sized baked potato without oil only contains a few kilocalories. The calories contained in French fries can be as high as more than 200 kcal. It is not the potato itself that makes people fat, but the fat it absorbs. Anyone who has cooked potato meat knows that the oil absorption of potatoes is very strong. Remember, using potatoes to lose weight is to use them instead of staple food, not as vegetables.
  • 42. Tofu is also a diet food: Tofu contains more water, and is a high-nutrient, high-mineral, and low-fat diet food. The rich protein is beneficial to enhance physical fitness and increase satiety, which is conducive to the persistence of weight loss. Suitable for people with simple obesity.
  • 43. Chewing gum can also lose weight: A British research report shows that chewing gum can lose weight. According to calculations, chewing gum for one hour can consume 11 calories. This number may not seem attractive enough for dieters, but think about it, as long as you chew gum when you are fine, you can easily lose more than ten catties of meat in the long run. This weight loss effect should be for you. Is it attractive?
  • 44. Two meals a day are more effective: This is a very controlled diet to lose weight. Obese people can easily lose two or three pounds of meat within a week. This dietary method eats two meals a day, and food choices must be made within a prescribed range. The content of each meal includes: 100 grams of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood; a small plate of cabbage; half a slice of thin toasted bread; an apple or orange, you can add non-calorie condiments, such as lemon juice or vinegar, plus A medium amount of salt or pepper. Drink moderate amounts of coffee or tea, and not substitute other foods for the above foods. The calorie of this diet is 1045 kJ, 2090 kJ throughout the day. No matter how long the time between two meals is, you can only eat two meals a day. After a few days, the weight of obese people will quickly drop. Two meals a day weight loss method generally requires 21 days, if you have reached your ideal weight, you can stop the diet in advance. After adopting this diet to lose weight, the intestinal motility will be reduced due to insufficient digested food. At this time, laxatives or glycerin can be used, and it will become normal after 3-4 days. It is important to drink a lot of water (at least 6 a day) 8 cups). The effect of this method of weight loss is ideal. Obese people will have more energy, sweat less after activity, high blood pressure will be relieved, cholesterol will be reduced, and many symptoms and signs related to overweight will gradually disappear.
  • 45. Drinking plenty of water should be vigorously promoted: Water is one of the indispensable elements in the human body. Drinking at least 6-8 cups of boiled water every day can also play a role in losing weight. Water can help stimulate the metabolism of body fat, and can also suppress excessive appetite; water can prevent fluid retention, drinking enough water can make the body refresh and store body fluids in time, which can diuretic and excrete. Drinking a glass of warm water 20 minutes before each meal can make the stomach feel full, which is beneficial to eliminate hunger; water can help the kidneys to eliminate the toxic residues produced when the fat cells are broken down; drinking water before breakfast can help Cleaning the stomach and intestines staying in the night is beneficial to the kidneys and supplements the lack of water in the blood to prevent the onset of coronary heart disease. Only when the water is sufficient can the skin be plump and smooth and soft. So no matter from the point of view of health or weight loss, drinking water is a very good way and should be strongly promoted. Especially obese people should drink more water.

Four ways to lose weight with exercise

  • 46. ​​Gasping weight loss method: use continuous exercise of ordinary difficulty to accelerate calorie consumption. Have more than 30 minutes a day, and continue to step on the exercise bike until you are “out of breath”. Do not increase your appetite after exercise.
  • 47. Rope skipping method for weight loss: Rope skipping is a whole-body exercise. Frequent rope skipping can improve cardiopulmonary function, improve jumping ability, flexibility, endurance and physical coordination, and can make the body light and healthy. Because of the large amount of rope skipping activity, body fat can be consumed, so the weight loss effect is very obvious.
  • 48. Dancing weight loss method: Dancing can be both entertainment and fitness. According to scientists, dancing ballroom dance for one hour is equivalent to walking for four miles, and at the same time, it can coordinate the muscles of the whole body. It can not only maintain health and strengthen the body, but also has a good effect on weight loss.
  • 49. Swimming to lose weight: When swimming, the muscles are constantly active and stroked by the impact of water, which can make the body muscles developed and plump, make the body fit and well-proportioned, eliminate excess fat, and achieve the goal of losing weight and maintaining a normal weight.

Several other ways to control weight

  • 50. Look in the mirror for 5 minutes a day: Insist on looking in the mirror for 5 minutes a day, it is very necessary for weight loss. Obesity and obesity in the observation mirror can effectively suppress appetite.
  • 51. Self-massage while bathing: The busy pace of life and excessive work pressure can also lead to obesity. Using water massage in a bathtub with water temperature close to body temperature, combined with kneading, twisting and other movements, not only allows the whole body to stretch, it is also the best way to shape a beautiful curve and lose weight.
  • 52. Massage the whole body with natural salt: After warming the body with a bath, massage the whole body with natural salt, rinse with hot water, and finally use cold or warm water to strengthen the firming effect.
  • 53. Wipe the tongue with a towel: Choose a towel with a slightly rough surface and wipe it on the left and right sides of the tongue to remove the tongue coating. If you feel uncomfortable because the towel dries up at the beginning, you can moisten the towel first. Steps: 1. Hide the right finger in the towel, extend the tongue as far as possible, use the fingers of the left hand to grasp the tip of the tongue to fix the position, and then use the fingers of the right hand to rub from the base of the right tongue to the tip of the tongue, doing 5 back and forth; 2. Position, wipe the tongue coating on the left side with the left hand, back and forth 5 times. Doing it twice a day can not only keepfit (weight loss), but also prevent oral diseases and keep your breath fresh.
  • 54. Properly restrict sleep time: Many people know that restricting food intake can lose weight, but they don’t know that restricting sleep time can also achieve the goal of weight loss. Studies by foreign scientists have proved that restricting sleep time can help obese people lose weight. They found that most of the patients with chronic insomnia were thin and below the standard weight, while most of the obese people sleep longer than normal. The results of this study show that the length of sleep time has a lot to do with body weight. Normal people’s sleep time decreases, which increases energy consumption and removes some excess fat. Of course, restricting sleep time is not unlimited, because too little sleep time can also cause disorders of body function and various diseases. The correct way to limit sleep time is to get up one hour early every day, practice aerobics, take a walk, and limit the 8 hours of sleep a day to 7 hours. This not only achieves the goal of weight loss, but also is not easy to cause disease.
  • 55. Wearing earrings can also lose weight: We are usually used to wearing earrings. Wearing earrings to lose weight is to use weight loss earrings to achieve the goal of weight loss. At first glance, slimming earrings look like ordinary earrings, but they are actually slim earrings that use magnetism to stimulate acupuncture points on the ears to suppress appetite. We all know that the ears are densely covered with important acupuncture points for the normal functioning of internal organs, including three acupuncture points to eliminate obesity. One of the acupuncture points does not seem strange to wear earrings, that is the “stomach area” acupoint located on the earlobe. The “stomach area” acupuncture point is located approximately in the center of the outer ear. It is the acupuncture point that controls appetite. Since you usually wear earrings, if you don’t wear it for a long time, you will probably not feel pain. But weight loss earrings will stimulate the acupoints, so you will feel a slight pain when you put them on, but you will get used to it soon. After wearing the earrings, if you are hungry, you can press the earrings hard and the stomach will stabilize immediately. In this way, the food intake is naturally reduced, and you don’t have to eat randomly when you are hungry, which can also achieve the goal of weight loss.

Step #5 Bath therapy

Bathing not only cleans the body, but also promotes the metabolism of cells throughout the body, improves the function of endocrine glands, and can also eliminate nervous tension and fatigue. The temperature of the bath water is preferably 40℃. Too hot will cause excessive sebum to fall off. The best bath time is 10 minutes. As for the number of bathing times a day, depending on the living conditions and environment, you can bathe once a day.

1. Thalasso

The main components in seawater are chloride and sodium ions. After bathing, they have a strong sense of warmth and can stimulate the skin, dilate blood vessels in the skin, increase blood circulation on the body surface, accelerate the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, increase gastrointestinal motility, and help obesity It has curative effect.

2. Hot water bath

The water temperature is higher than 42℃, which has a better weight loss effect. However, hot baths can often cause the body to overheat, increase body temperature, increase blood pressure, increase perspiration, increase breathing and increase cardiovascular burden, so strict attention should be paid to contraindications. Generally speaking, after you start to sweat, you can go out of the bath and rest for 2 minutes, wait for the sweat to dry, and then wash in the bath for about 4 minutes, and then come out and rest for 2 minutes. Wash it back and forth 3 times. Soaking in a pool bath consumes more energy in the body than a shower, and has a good weight loss effect.

3. Sauna

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the steam bath, people are in the transpiration of hot and humid air, and the skin, internal organs and internal organs are nourished, which can harmonize health, promote blood circulation, calm and nourish the mind. Sauna is to use high-heat air to keep the bathroom at a higher temperature, so that the bathers sweat a lot, to achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue, weight loss and fitness, and auxiliary treatment of certain chronic diseases. The steam bath is a good exercise for the cardiovascular system. During the steam bath, the blood vessels of the skin expand significantly, sweat a lot, blood circulation speeds up, and various tissues in the skin get more nutrition. Sweat excretion also helps to eliminate waste from the body. Increase the consumption of fat, thereby achieving the goal of weight loss. It is especially suitable for people with simple obesity and mild edema. When you first bathe, stay in the high temperature steam room for only 5 minutes. Patients with fever and dehydration, after drinking, physical exercise or just after exercise, cannot take a bath immediately. Obesity patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases should not use sauna to lose weight. People who cannot adapt to sauna therapy for hypotension, diabetes, nephritis and other diseases should generally be disabled.

Step #6 Use the menstrual cycle to lose weight easily

Most Shui Shui always feel bored and unhappy when facing “good friends” visits. If you know that as long as you make good use of your menstrual cycle, you can lose weight easily, have you started to like it now?

Most of the beauties who are losing weight expect that the weight loss is best to decline in a diagonal line, and it is best not to jump Mambo or even rebound in place during an annoying pause period, but the most correct weight loss curve is a stepped one. Weight changes. And girls have a good exclusive special bonus-menstrual cycle. If you can make good use of the menstrual cycle controlled by the estrus and progesterone hormones, you can easily lose weight.

With a 28-day menstrual cycle, it can be divided into 4 periods:

1: Benefit period

The time is from the first day to the end of MC. During this period, because of the loss of more iron, the speed of weight loss can be slowed down, but the diet should be supplemented with iron-rich foods, such as: pork liver, kelp, pig blood, spinach, grapes Wait but calculate the serving size.

2: Super fast period

The time is 7-13 days of the MC cycle. In this period, the body’s physical and mental condition is the best, and it is most suitable for weight loss. If the diet is controlled properly, it is easy to see the weight drop.

3: Flat and fast period

The time is 14-20 days of the MC cycle. During this period, it is easy to increase your appetite. In addition to paying special attention to diet, you must also increase exercise to suppress appetite. You can also prepare some low-calorie, high-fiber foods such as grass, konjac, etc. to increase satiety , You will still see weight loss.

4: Slow period

The time is 21-28 days of the MC cycle. During this period, it is easy to be irritable, and the body is prone to swelling. At this time, the diet can increase red bean soup, winter melon soup or alfalfa sprouts, because they are natural diuretics and can improve edema Phenomenon, not too salty and heavy-tasting food coupled with increased exercise and diet control will still slightly lose weight. As long as the menstrual cycle is used properly, different weight-loss countermeasures can be taken, and she can lose weight easily.

Slimming Fast Ways: