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Weight Loss / Celebrity weight loss / Tips for losing weight in spring

Tips for losing weight in spring

Speaking of weight loss methods , MM who may need to lose weight will try weight loss pills , massages , acupuncture , and some kinds of weight-loss remedies on the Internet , but some people lose weight and others have not obvious effects . Why is this ? In fact , weight loss does not imagine a middle-aged man . As long as we grasp a few key points , we can all see the effect of weight loss .

The best time to lose weight

Women’s physiology is periodic . The general physiology period is about 23-38 days . The ovulation period is about 7 days after the physiology period . The estrogen secretion of the female body during ovulation period will increase . This period is to lose weight The best time , because the body’s metabolism will also increase from the ovulation period , during this time the effect of slimming will be more obvious .

One or two days before the ovulation day is the best time , but if you feel unwell during the season change season , you should try to avoid weight loss activities .

Must eat three meals

If you want to reduce the calorie intake of one day , the important point is that the calorie intake in three meals should be reduced in a balanced manner . If one of these meals is skipped , the brain will feel hungry during the gap before eating the next meal . In this way , it will lead to eating too much in the next meal , the body wants to store more nutrients into the body and absorb more than necessary , and accumulate in fat cells . Therefore , three meals are indispensable , and the interval between meals should not exceed eight hours .

In addition , breakfast is a very important meal in terms of removing old waste from the body . If you don’t eat breakfast , the intestine will not move easily , and constipation will occur easily . The accumulation of old waste materials will lead to the deterioration of the intestinal environment , breeding toxins , and the difficulty of breaking with fat . So it is best to eat fruits , vegetables , miso soup and other soups for breakfast , or porridge , risotto and other watery foods .

Eat breakfasts to help solve constipation problems . Normal meals are easier to lose weight !

Seize the opportunity to exercise

Start by taking the stairs downstairs instead of taking the escalator

Even if you do not have time to go to the gym , or do not work hard at home , you can still try to increase the amount of exercise in the office or commuting to get off work .

For example , going up and down stairs is a good exercise . Do you even get used to elevators or escalators on the next floor ? Just to quit this habit and change from more stairs , you can increase your daily exercise .

If you have a tendency to lack of exercise and often pant when going up the stairs , then just goes down the stairs first . When going downstairs , due to the gravity , there is less body burden , . So it is easier to start . As the stairs increase the number of heartbeats slightly , the cardiopulmonary function will be improved and the blood circulation will become smoother at the same time .

However , the action of going down the stairs is easy to form a burden on the knees or joints , so pay attention to the shoes you wears , and don’t force yourself too much at the beginning . Especially when wearing high heels , more attention is needed .

Go downstairs and take the stairs , and go upstairs to take the escalator , so that you can easily continue to carry on !

To improve the lack of exercise and increase the metabolic rate , start by walking down the stairs .

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