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Three taboos to keep in mind when losing weight!

Why some people can’t lose weight ? Some people lose weight but rebound again . Others lose weight successfully but also lose their own health . In fact , these things happen because you lose weight . During the period , I did not avoid weight loss taboos . Today I will introduce you to three taboos to keep in mind when losing weight .

Taboo 1 : Three days of fishing , two days of surfing the net

People are worthy of ambition , learning is worthy of perseverance , if you do anything , if you want to achieve results , you cannot have perseverance . The ancients said : ” Frozen three feet are not as cold as cold ” , this is the truth . This shows that physical exercise is not a matter of overnight . It must be done often without interruption . Fishing for three days and drying the net for two days will not achieve the purpose of exercise .

Sports health is not only a physical exercise , but also an exercise in will and perseverance . If it is difficult to stick to the original planned time because of busy work , even if you squeeze out 10 minutes a day for short-term exercise .

If you cannot go to the field or the playground to exercise due to illness or other reasons , you can do in-situ running , in-situ jumping , broadcast exercises , and Tai Chi in the hospital , indoors , or corridors . In any case , when I can’t be happy , I’m exhausted , and I’m excited that I haven’t practiced for many days .

Taboo 2 : Change too much diet at once

Get used to when you want to lose weight . There are many eating habits that need to be adjusted , which often takes time and perseverance . Therefore , when you decide to lose weight-the moment you start , you also need to decide-which item to start to change . In other words , you should change your eating habits little by little . For example , at the beginning , learn not to eat fried foods , and practice-“After you get used to it for a while , then gradually learn not to eat sweets . Because if you Change all your eating habits at once will make you feel painful and uncomfortable , and you will also feel that weight loss is a tortured thing , which will make your weight loss plan not easy to succeed . Therefore , you need a psychological adjustment period . Practice slowly step by step . In this way , it will be easier to succeed , so as not to change too much at once , causing you to become uncomfortable afterwards and start to eat fried and sweets again . Please note that when you lose weight , change your eating habits and only do it at a time One , let you get used to it slowly before making other changes .

Taboo 3 : Only focus on partial weight loss

There are many local weight-loss treatments such as face-lifting , leg-reduction , and waist-reduction in the market . These instrumental methods may really achieve the goal of eliminating local fat . However , if you use exercise to reduce it , for example , if you feel that your waist is thicker , keep doing sit-ups , hoping to reduce waist fat . Problem one , this kind of exercise is dull , tiring , and not lasting ; problem two , the distribution of body fat is controlled by the brain instead of letting the waist take care of itself . The more you do sit-ups , the more your brain may feel that your waist needs fat . , The more you squeeze the fat there , the result may be that the waist becomes thicker . Exercise is holistic , exercise the whole body to achieve the goal of weight loss .

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