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Three good habits to lose weight on diet, minus small belly!

The lower abdomen is the easiest part to ” feed ” fat , and dieting may not necessarily make the lower abdomen thin , because certain foods are particularly easy to gain weight on the lower abdomen . So if you want to lose your belly , you still can’t do without the help of food , today I will introduce you three good eating habits to help you lose your belly .

1 . Drink water early in the morning to reduce belly

Drinking a glass of white water or cellulose-added water before breakfast in the morning can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis , excrete garbage and metabolites from the body the previous night , and reduce the chance of small belly .

Although there are many choices of drinking water in the morning , plain boiled water is still the best choice . It is the natural state of water that is boiled after multi-layer purification . There are inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium in the water , and the microorganisms in the water have been killed . In addition , plain boiled water does not contain protein , fat , or carbohydrates , which can not only to replenish cell moisture , but also reduce blood viscosity and facilitate urination . Usually half an hour after drinking plain water , the body will excrete the metabolites from the previous night . It will not affect breakfast appetite .

2 . A glass of red wine every day to reduce belly

It is not that you have to drink red wine because you want to reduce your abdomen , but that if you are used to ” sigh ” a glass of red wine before dinner every day , it will help to reduce your abdomen . Compared with non-drinking wine , some studies have found that the right amount of red wine can help women fight belly fat . After reviewing a lot of data , experts found that drinking a glass of 4 ounces of red or white wine a day (for 20 months ) is the best .

If you are too late , you must remember the principle of appropriate amount . In addition to red wine , don’t drink other cocktails , beer and the like . Too much alcohol will make people fatter .

3 . Take calcium tablet’s before going to bed to reduce belly

There are three types of fat in the human body : omental fat , subcutaneous fat and blood fat . Subcutaneous fat causes obese cellulite , blood fat can cause terrible cardiovascular disease , omental fat hangs under the stomach like a big pocket , excess calories and fat will accumulate in this pocket , making the waist thicker and the lower abdomen protruding . Adequate calcium can quickly dissolve omental fat . The best time for calcium absorption are at night , so calcium supplementation before going to bed can make your stomach thin . However , it is not smart to drink milk before going to bed instead of calcium tablet’s , because milk contains a lot of protein and neutral fat , the body’s metabolism at night slows down and cannot be consumed , but it will make the lower abdomen bigger !

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