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Weight Loss / Partial weight loss / Three effective ways to reduce your belly, let you say goodbye to your little belly

Three effective ways to reduce your belly, let you say goodbye to your little belly

Since you often sit , do not exercise , or usually do not pays attention to fitness , the belly fat will slowly grow , and as a result , women friends will be very anxious and troublesome in the future . So in fact , more exercise should be done at ordinary times , so that not only can strengthen the body , but also improve the body . But if friends that have already formed problems do not need to be too sad or desperate , there are ways to help you . For example , some exercises in the stomach , or changes from diet , etc . In all aspects can effectively help you lose weight on your stomach . However , these methods are not effective overnight . You still need to stick to it for a while , but for your own figure , women still stick to it !

1 . The 8 most effective ways to reduce stomach daily

Office workers who sit all day long will be the throne of the little ” belly ” wives if they are not careful . So , how to reduce the fat on the belly , what is the most effective way to reduce the belly ? The following 8 daily life small doors can effectively help you to abdomens and eliminate the small belly .

1 . Eat fruits and vegetables every day

cannot lose weight without weight loss , . So it is necessary to control the total calorie intake . Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only prone to fullness , but also helps reduce the desire to eat desserts . In addition , eating more foods rich in cellulose can effectively treat constipation , and constipation is one of the culprits of growing a small belly .

2 . Drink more water and drink less carbonated beverages

When you get up , drinking a glass of plain water , light honey water or water with cellulose can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis , expel the body’s garbage and metabolites , and reduce the chance of small bellies .

Normal people consume an average of 2000-2500ml of water every day , and should add water to the body in time . But do not drink too much water in a short period of time , otherwise it will dilute the blood due to osmosis , resulting in a decrease in the concentration of oxygen and nutrients contained in the blood . In addition , drink carbonated beverages and high-sugar beverages as little as possible .

3 . Stay away from alcohol

Whether it is beer , cocktails , liquor , or other forms into alcoholic beverages , it may be the main cause of the fat on the abdomen . Although wine does not contain fat , it is high in calories . A 200ml glass of alcoholic beverage contains 100 kilocalories . In addition , alcohol will increase the body’s cortisol levels , and the hormone cortisol will cause the abdomen to store more fatter .

4 . Eat less fatty meat

If you are worried about losing weight , eat less fat . Pay more attention to diet to lose weight . In ordinary times , eat less fatty pork , choose poultry and fish for / out higher protein and less fat , which is conducive to weight loss .

5 . Sit ups

To achieve the purpose of reducing belly fat , practicing sit-ups every day is a good way of / for waists / a waist / the waist and abdomen . But pay attention to controlling the rhythm , avoid doing too many times from the beginning , and increase the number slowly , otherwise it will cause muscle pain . At the same time , it should be not that the part that controls the force is the waist , not the legs or arms .

6 . Sit straight and sit upright

Correct the sitting posture , tighten your abdomen and lift your chest , you can lose a little fat accumulated in the abdomen . Therefore , remind yourself to keep your chest , belly , and waist straight , even if you can’t keep it all the time , just think about it , you may lose 2 pounds or more of fat from your stomach .

7 . Massage the abdomen

If you want to reduce your stomach quickly , the best way is to do circulars rubbing clockwise or counterclockwise after abdominal movement to promote fat metabolism . does it once in the morning and in the evening , just when you wake up in the morning , and before bedtime in the evening . If you persist in a month , you will definitely receive a significant effect .

8 . Coarse salt diet

Crude salt has the effect of sweating . It can expel the waste and excess waters / watered in the body , promote the metabolism of the skin , and also soften the dirt , replenish salt and minerals , and make the skin delicate and tight .

Each time before taking a bath , take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to make a paste , then apply it to the abdomen . After 10 minutes , rinse out the coarse salt with hot water , or rinse off after massaging , and then you can start bathing .

2 . The four most effective exercises to reduce stomach

are stationed in the office all day , and the girl who works at the computer sits full every day . It’s too late to lose weight . The fat on the belly is as annoying as it is bye-bye and cannot be covered . Reducing the fat on the belly requires a lot of cooperation , but the most important thing is exercising . You can’t change the working environment in the office , so exercise as much as possible and let the exercise burn pork belly .

Tummy reduction method 1

1 . Lie on your back on the ground with your legs flexed together , and hold your head with your elbows bent gently .

2 . The waist and abdomen is slowly lifted upwards until the upper body and the ground is between 30 degrees and 60 degrees .

3 . Keep this action for 5 seconds , then slowly drop , repeat the practice of 3 groups , each group does / did 15 times .

Stomach reduction method 2

1 . Lie on your back with your hands behind your head . Shoulders , necks , and heads are slightly raised , thighs are raised up to 60 degrees from the ground , and calves and the ground are balanced .

2 . Slowly stretch your legs , you can not straighten your legs completely , as long as you feel tight waists . Repeat the exercises in 2 groups , 15 times for each group .

Tummy reduction method 3

1 . Lie on the ground with your legs up and the ground at 60 degrees . Hold your head with your hands and lift your upper body .

2 . The upper body slowly turns to the right , while tightening the right leg , the left leg remains motionless , the left elbow Peng thick right knee .

3 . Turn your body of the left and touch your left leg with your right elbow . Repeat two sets of exercises , 25 times for each set .

Tummy reduction method 4

1 . Stand naturally , with legs straight together , akimbo in the right hand , and dumbbells in the left hand to keep them hanging down naturally .

2 . The body slowly leans on  the left , and the left hand sag down as far as possible to the maximum limit , and then straightens the body . Practice two groups of each side , 20 times per group .

3 . Seven simple and practical methods for reducing waist and reducing stomach

1 . Picking beans and thin waist method

Try to eat less dinner every day , if not hungry , just eat 30 to 50 percent . Take a short break in ten minutes after a meal . Then pour 200 grains of soybeans on the ground every day , bend down but the legs can’t bend , pick up the beans one by one and put them in the basin of the table , repeat this action : bend down-straighten the waist plate-put the beans on the table- – Bend over again-pick up beans .

2 . Standing against the wall

Similarly , eat as little as possible and eat light . Still half an hour after supper , clamp the buttocks and press the entire back against the wall , buttocks , back , legs , waist , head , neck , etc . should be as close as possible to the wall . After a few minutes , the waist will be very tired , hold on for 15 minutes . I do it once a day , and I begin to see results from a week . Not only can I lose waists, but also my legs , neck , and face can become thin .

3 . Standing and twisting

can be practiced at noon or at night . Stand and twist your waist 100 times left and right (similar to belly dance , you need to use your waist to push your waist , not your legs or back strength ) , as long as you stick to it every day , it is guaranteed to be effective !

4 . In-situ method of plastic wrap

Although plastic wraps has not been recognized by experts , many mms still try and succeed . In fact , as long as the plastic wrap are not too long , most people will not suffer from allergies or dermatitis , depending on the individual’s physique . The cling wrap method is to wrap the cling film on the waist bag , jog in place for about 1 hour , insist every day , absolutely thin , and of course eat less at night . (Remember , 1 hour is the limit , don’t think that the longer you pack , the better , your skin needs to be breathable ) .

5 . Coarse salt thin waist method

Coarse salt has the effect of sweating , it can expel the waste and excess water in the body . Buy a few bags of coarse salt in a supermarket or grocery store . Before each bath , take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to make a paste , and then apply it to the abdomen . After 10 minutes , rinse out the coarse salt with hot water , or rinse off after massaging , and then you can start bathing . Or , after taking a bath , sprinkle a tablespoon of coarse salt on the palm of your hands and massage the abdomen directly without rubbing too hard to avoid rubbing the skin rougher .

6 . Massage thin belly method

This is the most commonly used method of abdominal weight loss . It uses rubbing to promote intestinal peristalsis , reduce the absorption of nutrients by the intestine , promote blood circulation , let metabolic wastes be discharged from the body , and improve constipation . The massage method is centered on the navel , with a question mark on the abdomen , massage along the question mark , first on the right side , then on the left side , each massage 30-50 time , massage once a day .

7 . Puer tea thin belly method

Pu’er tea has obvious effect on inhibiting the increase of abdominal fat . Pu’er tea is made by fermentation of Aspergillus nigger , and as the name suggests , it is black . During fermentation , a Punoir component is produced , which prevents fat accumulation . If you want to use Pu’er tea to lose weight , it is best to drink freshly brewed strong tea . In addition , you should keep drinking 1.5 liters a day , drink a glass before and after meals , and stick to it for a long time .

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