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Three diet coups to lose weight, give you a charming waist!

The waist is a part of the body that is more difficult to lose weight . Many women choose various weight-loss products to lose weight , but they are easy to rebound . In fact , the common foods in our lives are the most able to lose weight . I will introduce you today Three diet coups , those who want a slim waist should not miss it !

Coup 1 : Eat at least 3 fruits and 150 grams of vegetables every day

Eating more fruits and vegetables not only makes you feel full , but also helps you reduce your desire to eat desserts . In addition , eating more fiber-rich foods can effectively treat constipation , and constipation is one of the culprits of your lower abdomen bloating .

Thin waist coup 2 : 9 glasses of water a day , drink less carbonated drinks

Drink a glass of white water before breakfast . Light honey water or water with added cellulose can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis , excrete the garbage and metabolites in the body the previous night , and reduce the chance of small belly . Don’t drink too much water continuously in one hour . If you drink too much water , the blood in your blood vessels will be diluted by water due to the osmotic effect , resulting in a decrease in the concentration of oxygen and nutrients in the blood .

In order to meet the body’s energy supply , the heart must increase its work intensity , which causes the heart’s load to increase . This is so for a long time , which is extremely harmful to health . In addition , drinking a lot of water will cause edema of the internal organs . Because of the ” water flowing down ” , excess water will gather in the waist and lower extremities of a large amount , causing edema in the waist and lower extremities . In addition , try to drink less carbonated drinks and those with high sugar content , they will make your stomach bulge like a balloon .

Coup 3 : Eat more protein-containing foods

1 . Eggs

Can’t find foods with more protein content than eggs . Eggs are highly regarded by nutritionists because they contain a variety of important amino acids , and the body is using these amino acids to ” produce ” almost everything from muscle fibers to brain chemicals . Studies have found that people that eat eggs for breakfast will feel less hungry throughout the day . The protein and fat contained in eggs can give the illusion of over satisfaction . If your cholesterol is not high , eat one egg a day .

2 . Almonds

This delicious nut is rich in fiber , as well as a powerful antioxidant-vitamin E . The mineral magnesium it contains is essential for the body to produce energy , shape muscle tissue and maintain blood sugar . Stable blood sugar can effectively prevent overeating and obesity caused by excessive hunger . However , the most amazing function of almonds is that it can prevent the body of absorbing heat .

3 . Soybeans

Soybeans are rich in antioxidants , fiber and protein . Soybeans can be eaten in a variety of ways and can be used as snacks or used to cook soups . There are many types of soy products , such as tofu and soy milk , which are healthy , delicious and weight loss . A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that obese people that use soy milk instead of milk as a regular meal can lose weight more successfully .

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